Eph.5v16: Redeeming the time because the days are evil.

You must convert to your advantage the best use of time. Time ought to be a blessing and not a burden if you know how to use it well. This is why I have been sharing with you how to redeem your time. You need to pay attention to this if you really want to leave your footprints on the sands of time. Time is usually wasted in the same way every day. This is why you need to effect some changes in your life in order to arrest this trend and anomaly. This is why I have been sharing some powerful insights with you on how you can redeem your time, and today, the focus of our discussion will be on other ways you can make good use of your time. So without much ado, let’s get the ball rolling.


  1. Take your opportunities/chances very seriously. Learn how to seize the moment. You may miss the chances that you refuse to take on time. So never joke with the opportunities that come your way. Be known as someone who seizes the opportunities that comes their way. The truth of the matter is that the opportunities you have today may not be there tomorrow, so learn to take your chances in life. Remember also this wise saying that those who buy the ticket have the chance to win the lottery. So learn to take your chances early and on time. This was the secret of Jacob in the Bible. You can profit from this attitude from now on when you take your chances in life. As you do this, I see you redeeming your opportunities and chances in life (2Kings 13v14-19).
  2. Do the things that you are wired for? Stay in your area of calling and gifting. This is how to redeem the time. Stop roaming around aimlessly. Don’t be a wanderer. Don’t be a square peg in a round hole, instead find your place and stay there. Be a square peg in a square hole. My dearly beloved, you waste time when you are trying to be something you don’t have grace or flair for. So it’s time to stay in your area of calling and gifting if you really want to make good use of your time (1Cor. 7v20, 24).
  3. Be a finisher. Don’t be a quitter but a finisher. Don’t abandon what you start or started. Remember that Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit. So make no room for quitting or abandoning your responsibilities or assignment. This is how to redeem your time wisely. As anyone who does not complete or finish his work or task will not be able to maximize their time effectively. This is why you need to become a finisher. Make up your mind from henceforth that you would not quit or give up on your goals, dreams, and aspirations in life (2Tim.4v6-7; Heb.12v2). Precious child of God, it’s time for you to begin to redeem your time in Jesus name, amen.

Other Scriptural References: (Philip.1v6; Zech.4v9; Jn.4v34; Rom.11v13, 29; 2Chro.26v5, 16; 1Cor.16v9; Gen.25v28-34: 27v30: 29v18-20: 32v26; Pro.25v14: 27v8).

Prayer for Today: Holy Spirit, help me to be a better manager of my time in Jesus name, amen.

CONFESSION: I am becoming a better manager of my time. I set and achieve my goals by his grace. I don’t waste my energies and time as I prioritize wisely. I do not waste my time on non-essential tasks and activities rather I invest my time in important tasks and activities. I am working smarter. I have higher productivity because I make good use of my time. Glory be to God as I master the art of using my time wisely. I am becoming better and also a greater source of blessing to my world.