Matthew 5verse14: ‘V14- Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. V16- Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.’

I know many children of God know are the light of the world but how many people know the impact of light? Do you realize how powerful you are as light? Jn8v32.This is why this teaching is coming your way today and I pray that the Holy Spirit will illuminate your eyes of understanding in Jesus name amen. Do know that as light, you take your roots from God because he is light. 1Jn1v5; 8v12.

So what are some of the basic truths about light that you need to know to live a life of dominion?

1. Light shines brightest in darkness. Wow, this is such a powerful revelation you need to know in your heart any day and anywhere. Isa60v1-3. Light needs darkness to shine the best. So this simply means that your life is supposed to shine brightest amid the challenges and difficulties of this hour. So rejoice because now is your time. It’s your season to shine!

2. Light Triumphs over darkness. Why is this so? Because light is superior to darkness and this is true anywhere you go. Anywhere there is light, darkness cannot conquer or overshadow it. So this simply means that you will triumph over the works of darkness. This is your heritage and it’s time for you to begin to manifest this victory. Jn1v5

3. Light is the answer or solution to darkness. So what does this mean? You are the answer or solution to the darkness of this world. The answers lie within you because you are light. So it’s time for you to begin to walk in this dimension of life. 1Jn2v20, 27.

So, my dear friends, it’s time for you to begin to behave and walk according to who you are! I pray that today will usher you into this dimension of life in Jesus name amen.

Other Scriptural References: Jn5v35; Philip2v15; 1Tim4v12; 1Pet2v9, 12; Isa60v1-3.

Prayer for Today: Lord help me to begin to live as the light of my world indeed in Jesus name amen.

CONFESSION: I am the light of this world. Therefore I illuminate my world and environment! I bring progress and development everywhere I go. My light is shining and the darkness cannot comprehend it. Glory be to God, for I am impacting my world for good in Jesus name amen.