We have several dynamic, effective and life changing ministries which are designed to assist and empower every member to excel in life and fulfil their God given assignments and destinies. Whether you are married, single or youth, a child or student, we have a ministry designed with you in mind!


Children’s Ministry teaches the word of God in a practicable and in a fun lively and loving way, which enables the children experience the tangible presence of God in a loving and cosy environment.
We have a friendly environment for children to grow and develop their skills and talents, which boasts their self-confidence, trust and the total man. We support parents as they train their children in the way of the Lord, which the children can apply in their daily lives thereby giving parents the peace and confidence to leave their children and wards in our care.
Children’s Ministry is available during regular Sunday morning services and is located within the Church premises.
Baby Class: 6Months-5Years
Pre-Teen Class: 6-10Years
Teens- 11-15Years
They hold outreach programmes such as:
Children’s Day Celebration
Christmas Party
Talk Shows



(Havilah Network)
The Singles and Youths Ministry entails a group of energetic, God-fearing world changers created for young men and women to grow and develop in their walk with the Lord and bring about a transformation to their world. The Ministry helps to harness the gifts, talents and potential of our young men and women to the full and in a way that will bring glory to God.

They aim to create opportunities and initiatives to assist them to acquire the appropriate skills, ideas, exposure etc. needed to be relevant in the market place and the world at large by deploying their energies and creativity in the most productive manner. The Ministry meet under a conducive atmosphere to address issues relating to them in general in a pragmatic and insightful manner, to produce strong and better young men and women who serve as positive change agents for God in the society and in the world at large.
The Singles and Youths Ministry meet within the Church premises once a month after Sunday service. They also hold their outreach programmes, such as:
Burn Fire Night
Youths and Singles Conference (Dinner night; Seminars; Outreaches etc.)
Spontaneous Worship
Praise Ablaze



(God’s Leading Ladies)
We have gracious and amazing ladies poised to be God’s Ambassadors in every sphere of life by radiating God’s virtues and glory everywhere they go. The Women Ministry is a platform for married women where they can be brought together in the spirit of unity and love to grow and develop in the image and character of Christ.

The Women Ministry address issues relating to women in general in a pragmatic and thorough manner, hence building an indomitable team of Virtuous Women. The Ministry ministers to the needs and aspirations of the women in general, helping them in playing their unique roles (at home, work place and endeavours) thereby helping them fulfil their God given assignments.
We aim to produce virtuous and better women in all areas of life and ministry, that is spiritually, martially, professionally (in business and career). The Women Ministry (God’s Leading Ladies) meet twice a month after the service (first Sunday and the third Sunday); they have a prayer meeting (at the Altar) every last Saturday of the Month).
They also hold Outreach Programmes such as:
Mother’s Day Celebration
Women’s Conference
Retreats and fun time-outs (Marriage Seminars, Health Talk, Business and Career Talk etc.)
Queen Esther’s Banquet
Couples Retreat



The Men’s Ministry is a dynamic, focused and goal-oriented Ministry set up to raise men of valour and honour; valiant men that will take their place and fill their space with tact and valour. This is a platform where married men are brought together in oneness of heart and purpose to grow and develop in the likeness and image of Christ.
The Men’s Ministry address issues relating to men in general, building and moulding them to be change agents, worthy models and example to their family, world and in all their endeavours. The Ministry help our men in playing their roles and fulfilling their God given assignment, in order to produce strong and better men in all areas of life and ministry i.e. Maritally, Spiritually, Professionally (business or career etc.).
The Men’s Ministry meets every third Sunday of the Month after the service. They also hold Outreach Programmes such as:
Father’s Day Celebration
Men’s Hangout (Retreat)
Couples’ Retreat



At Dare to Dream Christian Centre, we are passionate about students (i.e. those in higher institutions of learning) because we believe that they are the Future leaders of tomorrow and our heavenly Father also have a beautiful plan for their lives. This is why we have the Campus Fellowship Ministry. The primary goal of the Ministry is to minister in totality to the spiritual, emotional, physical, relational, academic lives etc. of students in various campuses in our World (1Thess.5v23). Currently, we have been able to initiate and establish fellowship centres in some higher institution of learning such as University of Ibadan and the Polytechnic of Ibadan. Our vision is to take the gospel and love of Christ to every available campus by his grace and help (Mk.16v15, 20). Part of our strategies for reaching these students for the Lord includes the following:
Campus Crusades/Outreaches
Fresher’s Welcome Party
Success Seminars
Send forth Programmes
We are eager to connect with you as a student. Please take advantage of contacting us via this number +2348053574372 for further enquiries and other relevant information. We look forward to hearing from you and may your dreams see the light of Day, amen.





At Dare to Dream Christian Centre, we have various Teams and Service Units designed to help you serve God in practical and effective ways. Regardless of your gifts, talents and abilities, you will certainly find a place for their expression in our dynamic teams at Dare to Dream Christian Centre. Our Teams also offer you an avenue of strengthening your relationship with Christ while at same time connecting and developing meaningful relationships with other Beleivers like you, whose sole purpose is to glorify God through our services. To become a member of any of this vibrant teams, you will need to complete our Workers’ Orientation Programme (see details in our Workers’ Orientation Programme page). We look forward to your joining our dynamic and enterprising team of workers today, as we leverage in the power of relationships to the glory of God.
Below is a checklist of some of our Teams/Service Units:


Our Protocol Team members are specially equipped and trained to serve and minister to the needs of our Ministers and invited Ministers or guest Artistes. They render services ranging from serving welfare or care, security and reception for or on behalf of the Ministers. Essentially, they act like ‘Armour bearers’ to the Ministers. This team is not for the faint-hearted but for those who are ready to spend and be spent. Their sacrifices help them to render excellent service at the end of the day.



Our Meeters and Greeters team help in preparing people for a wonderful worship experience through their warmth, charisma, greetings and cheerful and friendly disposition to our members and visitors. They create an atmosphere of celebration and excitement for all worshippers regardless of age, status, gender or colour. Members of this team should love people genuinely, have a desire to assist others and also possess the stamina to stand for long periods of time.



Our Hospitality Team provides care and support for our guests and members in general. They are also responsible for the preparation of food, drinks etc. for refreshments in all our Church Programmes and Services. They often work together with our Protocol Team in ministering to the needs of our Ministers (both in-house and invited) and Guest Artistes. To serve in this team, you should be someone with a heart for people and also willing to render care in the best possible manner. These individuals are part of our dynamic care givers ministry in Church.



These individuals are made up of anointed Worshippers, Musicians, Minstrels and Choristers whose primarily aim is to get God’s people into his presence via their songs, and ministrations. The Music Team also is a training ground for Musicians and people who are passionate about music to harness their music talent or gifting’s.
They also help to create an unforgettable worship experience for our worshippers through the medium of praise and worship. Those who will serve in this team should be passionate about music or called to the singing ministry whose main desire is to glorify God through their gifts and graces.


This wonderful set of people work around the clock to ensure the safety of worshippers and their vehicles during and after a worship experience. They maintain surveillance and patrol in all the areas of our services/events, thus providing a safe and secured environment that is conducive for worship. Through their dedication, resourcefulness, training and help of Jehovah, our services are done in atmosphere of peace and harmony to the glory of God.


This Team is essentially responsible for the designs for our services, programs and campaigns. They create engaging visuals and also design graphics materials that makes our worship experience an unforgettable one. They add colour and beauty to this Ministry through this creative designs and innovations.


The Intercessory Team members intercedes for the growth and development of this Church and her members I.e. Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically, Financially, Professionally, Relationally and in other areas of life. They bear and share the prayer burden of Leadership in the place of prayers. These individuals stand in the gap on behalf of this Commission and it’s a good place to be for anyone who wants to develop their prayer life and also maintain a closer walk with God.


The Academic Team members are a dynamic and vibrant arm of our service unit. They care about the progress of our students both in secondary and tertiary institutions by organizing programs and initiatives that could help them to excel Academically. Their objectives is to empower students to succeed academically and also becoming a role model worthy of emulation. Through their excellent and dedicated trainers and tutors, they have produced many 5 star students in our various schools of learning. This is a place to serve for all those who care enough to add value to other people’s lives.


The Marriage Counselling Team members are involved in the physical and spiritual preparation of intending couples for marriage. They act in an advisory and counselling role in line with the dictates of the Word of God. They are also involved in post marital interaction and counselling of newly wedded couples as the need arises. Membership of this team is however by appointment and not by mere desire or interest, as members of this noble team consist of men and women of proven character and testimonies.



Our excellent Team members are trained to maintain orderliness and decency in all our services. They ensure that there is a smooth inflow and outflow of people during our services/programs. They provide accurate head count of those present at any given service in an atmosphere devoid of distractions or rancour. These individuals act as excellent gate keepers in a lovely and caring manner. The capacity to deal with all kinds of people, tolerance, and physical stamina to stand for long hours are some of the essential attributes needed to function in this Team.



The member of this incredible Team are responsible for qualitative sound production in all our services/programs and also the proper maintenance of all equipment’s such as speakers, amplifiers, generator(s), air-conditioners, keyboard, etc. They work round the clock to create an atmosphere that is conducive for all our worship experience. These individuals are usually the first and last to leave the service because of the nature of service they render. One would need a technical know-how of sound/musical equipment’s, training, teachability and endurance among several other qualities needed to function in this wonderful Team.



The Social Media Tear are part of our Image Makers of this Commission. Through their operations on all our social media platform, they project the image and activities of this Commission to our online audience. Their pictures and videos are engaging, informative and tell beautiful stories of our worship experience. They glorify the Lord and magnify his works in a unique and creative manner in a world that desperately needs the Saviour and his gospel.



The Transport Team members organise and co-ordinate the bus services for our services and programmes. They facilitate the coming to Church of our members through the designated bus routes/outlets within the city and our campuses (i.e. Universities/Polytechnics and other Higher Institutions of Learning). Through their dedication to duty, organizational skills and resilience, they provide and continue to provide unforgettable worship experiences both for our members and visitors. They are part of the Teams that work behind the scene to make things happen.


This Photography Team members provide services such as capturing the experience of our services and programs (i.e. special or outreach events of the Church) on camera. They help to relive special moments and also keep those members alive in our hearts through their creativity enterprise and photo libraries and archives. These individuals are wonderful storytellers and also a vital part of our Social Media Team.


As their name suggests, they ensure that God’s Sanctuary i.e. the place we worship is in the best of state and conditions. These individuals usually work behind the scenes in ensuring that the Church Auditorium, its environment and conveniences are in good shape before and after each worship experience. The Sanctuary Keepers Team through their services create for us an atmosphere and environment that is suitable and befitting for the worshiping of our Great and Mighty God.


The Counselling Team members are involved essentially in leading new converts to Christ and ensuring their establishment in the faith through follow-up by either calling or visiting them. Their primary goal is to guide and counsel new converts and at times members in line with the principles of God’s Word in key areas of life such as deliverance, prayer etc. these individuals have been adequately trained and equipped to render such services and are also accountable to Leadership with regards to their operations.