Ps.23v1: The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

I believe every rational person should be interested in how to meet their needs and because we are creatures of need, we will always have one need or the other. Hence the reason why how to meet your needs is very crucial. The Good thing is that God has not left us in the dark as to how to meet our needs! This is why he is our Shepherd. According to Psalm 23 verse 1, being our Shepherd means we should not lack. This is the testimony of David himself; it should be a living reality in the lives of every believer! David declares here boldly that he will not Want because Jehovah is his shepherd. The word want here means the following: lack, fail, needy, destitute, deficient, or in want of. In other words, since he is my Shepherd, I shall not Lack, Fail or be destitute or deficient! The Great Shepherd is able to meet your needs too. So no need to worry! So the question of how to meet your needs should never be a burden as a believer. God has several ways of meeting your needs, and in this series of lessons, you will be Empowered by the Provisions he has put in place for you. So rejoice, precious child of God.

However, when it comes to meeting our needs, we face some common questions and issues that I want us to address here today!


Questions about how to meet your needs:

  1. The question of source. How will I ever meet my needs? This is a very common question that several of us have asked ourselves! This question can become a burden for you if you don’t realise and take God as your source! The truth of the matter is that God is supposed to be your source. Coincidentally this is what Father also means in the Hebrew language. So God, who is your Father, is supposed to be your source (Ps.24v1:50v12). Therefore, the question of the source should never be your problem! The Disciples of Jesus also asked this same question in (Matthew 15 verse 33) before he fed 4000 men besides women and children. They asked him, “Whence should we have so much bread in the Wilderness?”. They did not imagine how such a kind of need could ever be met in the wilderness! What they do not know, however, was that they had an unlimited Source in God! Jehovah is you are our miracle source and His provisions never run dry. So relax your nerves and your mind, for he will see to it that never stranded again in life. I know that people often say that human needs are numerous and the resources to meet them are scarce. This, however, is different when you are dealing with Jehovah, your Shepherd! He is the same God that took care of Israel in the wilderness for forty years without borrowing money from anybody or anywhere! He can do the same today because he is still the same God (Mal.3v6; Lk.1v37).

My dear reader, your job is to trust him as your shepherd, i.e. source. You need to realize that your job or business is not your source. It’s just a channel. Your source is God. So understand that you only have one source, but you ought to have many channels! (1Tim.6v17).

So no need to worry about meeting your needs anymore because you have a dependable and reliable source in God! Glory be to God! It’s a new day for you!

Other Scriptural References: (Matt.15v29-38; Hag.2v8; Jam.1v5, 17; Philp.4v19; Deut.10v14; Exo.19v5; Job 41v11).

Prayer for Today: Heavenly Father, I acknowledge you from today as my one and only source. Therefore, I will never be put to shame in Jesus name, amen.

CONFESSION: My days of worrying about my needs are over because Jehovah is my Shepherd. As my Shepherd, he is my True and Only Source. He is my Unlimited Source. He is the source that will never run out or dry up! He is my miracle source! Therefore, all of my needs are richly and abundantly met! Glory be to God, for he is my burden bearer and the lifter of my head.