The challenges of life put some people under pressure, which makes them make nasty decisions about their lives, business, relationships, career paths and destiny.

Another point to take into consideration is:

10. Don’t take or make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings.

Before you take any decision about your life, destiny, relationship etc think it through, roll it over and over again in your heart.

  • never allow circumstances of life push you to make decisions in a hurry
  • don’t allow people put pressure on you to make decisions especially when it has to do with your destiny. Don’t sign that document without reading it through.
  • don’t allow what you’re going through now, dictate what should be to you. No condition is permanent and what you’re going through now is not an exception, it will also come to pass and will be part of history.
    Gen 25 vs 29- 34. Esau sold his birthright because he was hungry, couldn’t he have waited or sought for something else to eat? He despised it and foolishly sold his birthright to his twin brother Jacob.
    You will not be in this situation forever, this lockdown due to the COVID 19 is not an exception, it will surely pass away too; so make the right decisions now.
    Don’t be pressurised to do things you’re not comfortable with.
    You will make it and come out better.
    Stay blessed and stay safe.