Workers’ Orientation Programme – The Portrait of A DDCC Worker 1




THE PORTRAIT OF A DDCC WORKER 1 (1Cor.16v10:1Tim.4v12)


There are certain descriptions of who a worker in Dare to Dream Christian Centre is supposed to look like. We are to reflect certain Attributes/Mannerism; we are not to serve anyhow. We have a brand/ identity that should be peculiar to us (Rom.7v6: 2Ki.9v20: Phil.2v19-22: 1Cor.16v10).

A painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders.
Synonyms- Picture, Likeness, Image, Sketch, Representation, Depiction

As a worker in this house, we are to reflect/exhibit the following Qualities:
1. Must have a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. Must be born again. There is no use working for God when you are not walking with God. Your walk with God must precede your Work for God (Mk.5v19-20: Jn.6v28-29: Matt.4v19: Acts 4v13: 9v1-6, 20: Rom.8v9).

2. Must be Baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. (Acts 1v8: 2v4, 14: 4v8, 31, 33: Lk.24v49: Acts10v38: Matt.10v1). You can’t do God’s work in your own power or intellect. 2Cor.3v5-6: Phil.4v13: Acts 6v3: 11v24: 1Cor.15v10.

3. Must strive to live a life of Purity. No Purity, No Power. A Worker in this house should strive to live a Holy/Sanctified Life. We can’t live anyhow (Matt.5v8: Heb.12v14: Isa. 52v11: 2Tim.2v20-21: Pro.25v4: Phil.2v15: Zech.3v1-5: 2Cor.6v14: 7v1: 1Pet.2v5, 9).

4. Must be Enthusiastic about this Church/ Work. You can’t represent very well what you are not passionate about. A true DDCC worker will be excited about this Work and all that it represents. If you are really passionate about this work, you will believe in its mandate/run with it (Rom.12v11: 7v6: 2 Ki.10v16: Philip.2v25-30: Rom.16v3-4).

5. Should be willing to market this Church. If you truly believe in and are excited about this Work, you will tell others around. You will not be ashamed of this house (Mk.1v45: 5v19, 20: Jn.4v28-30, 39-40: Rom.1v16: Ps.34v8). Are you willing to advertise this work? (Lk.14v16, 21, 23).

6. Must be willing to celebrate others. This is part of treating other people well and right (1Cor.10v24: Phil.2v4). You need to see every person as a V.I.P. We need to celebrate others and one another.

In order to celebrate others properly:
• We must be warm/ welcoming to others (1Pet.1v22: Heb.13v1-2: Acts16v14-15).
• We must be courteous/respectful to others (1Pet.2v17: Rom.12v10: 1Pet.3v8).
• We must be observant/ sensitive to their needs (2Tim.1v16-18: Phil.1v7).
• We must have a cheerful Disposition/Attitude (Pro.15v13: 2Cor.9v7).
• We must be outgoing/ willing to serve others (Matt.20v26-28: Jn.3v14-15: Lk.10v38: Jn.12v2).

7. Must look Good/ Be well Groomed. Your Presentation/Appearance matters as a worker in DDCC. You can’t afford to dress or Look Anyhow (Gen.39v6: 1Sam.16v12: 9v2).

To look good, you need to make endeavors in the following areas:
• Be neat/clean (Lev.8v6: 16v4: Exo.29v4).
• Take care of your Physical Grooming i.e. Hair, nails, body odor, beard, body, etc.
• Dress smartly/sharply (Matt.22v11-12).
• Combine your colors properly (Exo.28v2-38: Rev.21v18-21).
• Keep fit/healthy (1Tim.4v8: Lev.11v1-31).
• Look Good/Godly (Exo.28v2).
• Be Complete/ Unique in your Dressing/Outlook (Esth.2v15).

Important sayings about Appearance:
• Dress the way you want to be Addressed (otherwise you will be Addressed by the way you dress)
• Looking Good is Good Business
• First Impression matters a Lot
• Cleanliness is next to Godliness