Eph.5v16: Redeeming the time because the days are evil.

How do you buy up time? How do you make the best use of Time? These are the questions that this series of teachings on redeeming the time is set to answer and I believe you have also been enjoying this series of lessons on this all-important subject of Time. Time is such a priceless gift that you need to make the best use of if your life will really matter and also glorify God. Today by his grace, the focus of our discussion will be on how you can redeem your time. I am really excited about the things I will be sharing with you because I believe it will greatly help you maximize your time properly. So how can you redeem Time?


  1. By doing things when you ought to do them. Another way of saying this is to be Decisive or to avoid procrastination by all means. There is a time to do things; the best time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining, not when it’s raining. My dearly Beloved Ones, there is an appropriate time to do whatever you need to do. Therefore, don’t leave undone what you ought to do today. Don’t do tomorrow what you ought to do today. You need to develop a reputation for doing your work on time. This is how you can redeem your time. It’s time for you to begin to live like this, as this is the way you can maximize your time meaningfully (Eccle.3v1).
  2. Let your preparation be through. You redeem the time by adequate preparation. It’s only a prepared person that can buy up opportunities, so how prepared are you for your assignment, work, or vocation? The more prepared you are, the better the chances you can take, and the less prepared you are, the smaller your chances. This is how it works, so it’s time to take your preparations seriously as this is one of the remedies to using your time well. Will you rise up to this challenge today? (Matt.25v1-13)
  3. By being swift in your obedience. Partial delayed, sentimental or conditional obedience can be dangerous and is not good at all if you really want to accomplish your goals and aspirations in life. What God requires of you is to be quick or prompt in obeying him (Acts 26v19). My dear reader, obeying God without hesitation, therefore is one of the major keys to redeeming the time. So it’s time to be prompt in your obedience. It’s time to use and invest your time wisely. It’s time to make the most out of your life by maximizing your time properly.

Other Scriptural References: (2Cor.7v16; Jam.1v19; Lk.1v80: 9v62; Eccle.11v6; Pro.14v1: 24v27; 2Ki.5v26; Ps.32v6; Eph.6v18).

Prayer for Today: Precious Holy Spirit, help me to convert to my advantage the best use of my time in Jesus name, amen.

CONFESSION: I manage my time wisely; therefore, I am in control of my time. I channel my time towards my goals and aspirations in life. I am productive in the use of my time. I invest my time into my purpose and destiny. Therefore, I get good value and results for the use of my time. Time is a powerful resource that is working powerfully for me and with my time. I serve God and my generation profitably in Jesus name, amen.