Psalm 92verse10: ‘But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil.’

Glory be to God! You are welcome back to this beautiful series on the subject of thriving by the anointing. I believe that you know now that there is an anointing to thrive or flourish and this anointing is not for decoration but for God’s glory in your life. So, how can you access or put this anointing to work? This is what I intend to share with you today and I am super excited about this because I know it will launch you into a new season in your life. So here we go!


1. By believing in it. It’s one thing to have something it’s another thing to believe it. And it is your belief in this anointing that will make it operational in your life and endeavors. My dear friends, the anointing you refuse to believe in won’t work for you. So make this your resolution from today that you are anointed to prosper for such a time as this. 2Chro20v20; Isa7v9. If you really enjoy the dividends of this anointing, then you need to believe strongly and wholeheartedly in this anointing. This is the secret to making it work, and I see this anointing work wonderfully in your life as you fully embrace it today.

2. By yielding to this Anointing. What do I mean by this? I simply mean obeying the dictates of this anointing i.e. doing whatever this anointing asks you to do. This is another vital secret of walking in the anointing. So, my dear friends, you need to be sensitive to his promptings, leading, and instructions! The more you yield to his leading, the more this anointing will manifest in your life. The key is obeying his instructions. Are you ready to obey his voice? Are you willing to do what he says you should do? If your answer to these questions is a yes, then I welcome you to an extraordinary life of Grace and Glory. Jn2v5; Gen31v3, 11-13.

My dear friends, I pray that you will experience in totality all that this anointing is meant to deliver and accomplish in your life!

Other Scriptural References: Gen30v10-12, 37-43: 26v1-6, 12-14; Luk1v45; Mk9v23.

Prayer for Today: Lord, let my life be a manifestation of the anointing to thrive in Jesus’ name amen.

CONFESSION: The anointing to thrive is on me. Therefore I thrive by my God and his help. Because I am empowered to flourish I will not fail or falter because his strength upholds me! As I release my faith and as I surrender to this anointing, my flourishing shall be evident for all to see in Jesus’ name amen.