Proverbs 26verse2: ‘As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.’

By looking at the symptoms of anything, you can almost predict what is wrong with that thing correctly. This is also true in marriage. If you have problems communicating with your spouse, it will show itself. This is why I have been sharing with you some of the indicators of bad communication in marriage. The primary goal of this teaching is to help us make amends in the necessary areas and also turn a new leaf accordingly.

Today, by his grace, I will be sharing more insights as per these indicators, so if you are ready, off we go!


16. Blaming

17. Assuming

18. Criticising and criticism

19. Lying. Col3v9.

20. Stubbornness. Pro29v1.

21. Hiding feelings.

22. Using bad language. E.g. you always get on my nerves

23. Being argumentative.

24. Resentments. Eph4v31-32.

25. Passive aggression.

26. Keeping big news to yourself.

27. Forgetfulness.

28. One-sided text messages.

29. The majority of the interaction is electronic.

30. Decreased intimacy i.e., communication is critical to intimacy in a relationship. When partners don’t communicate, they may struggle to connect on a deeper level.

This is how far we will be able to go in this series in mentioning these areas of struggle and contentions. So my dear friends, may God grant you all-around victory in these areas of challenges in Jesus’ name amen.

Other Scriptural References: Isa5v13; Jn8v32, 36; Gal5v1; Heb4v15-16.

Prayer for Today: Lord, help me communicate better with my spouse in Jesus’ name, amen.

CONFESSION: My moment of deliverance and liberation is here! For my eyes of understanding have been enlightened. Therefore, I refuse to walk in the dark, for his light has come! As I walk in his light, I walk in victory and dominion over these vices in Jesus’ name, amen.