Psalm 92verse10 ‘But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of a unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil’

There are reasons for the anointing because God does not do his things without reason. Purpose speaks of the reason for a thing or why something was made or created. It is also the intention that the manufacturer had in mind for designing or creating something. So there is a reason for the anointing in or upon your life. Pro16v4
My dearly beloved ones, it’s important for you to know the reasons why you are anointed or a carrier of the anointing. If the purpose of something is not known, then it’s easier for that thing to be abused, misused or disused.
One way to know what something is meant for is by knowing what it’s not meant for. So what is the anointing not meant for?

The Anointing:

1. It Is not for showmanship but for service. I hope you can see the difference. The anointing is not meant for showing off to people or for decoration but to accomplish certain tasks and works. If you don’t mind, permit to say that the anointing is not for the paparazzi but to serve. This is a very important understanding that you need to have about the anointing of it’s going to work for you. Acts10v38

2. It Is not for vain glory but for God’s Glory. It’s not for your personal use per se but for public use and the aim is to bring glory to God. It’s important for you to always remember this if you will really benefit from the anointing. Anyone who seeks the anointing for the wrong purposes or use will not get the best out of what God has to offer. Ps89v20

3. It Is not for Merchandise. It’s not something that is available to the highest bidder. There is no amount of money that anyone can pay to buy the anointing. It’s not something you buy with money but something you pay the price for through your hunger and pursuit of God. The anointing is a sacred, holy and also divine substance. Acts8v20. It’s sad today that some people have made merchandise of the anointing. This ought not to be so. And if you will observe, those who do such things never last long in God’s scheme of things. So my admonition to you today is to see the anointing for the right purposes so that you can fully enjoy its benefits and blessings in Jesus name, amen.

Other Scriptural References: Matt10v8: Jug6v12-16: Isa61v1-3: 1Cor1v29: Mk5v19-20: Lk5v26

Prayer for Today: Thank you, Father, for opening my eyes of understanding to what the anointing is not meant for!

CONFESSION: The anointing will work in my life and endeavors. The anointing on my life shall not be in vain. It shall speak to my generation and benefit humanity in Jesus name, amen.