Matthew 12verse37: ‘For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.’

Your Words are more powerful than you think, this is why you need to pay attention to the kind of words that you utter from your mouth. It is important for you as a believer to realize the power of your words and to speak the right words to be an overcomer indeed. Pro18v21.

My dear friends, the kind of words you speak is very important. This is why you see several admonitions in the bible concerning the type of words you speak. So what kind of words have you been speaking? Is it faith-based or doubt-based? Your mouth can either work for you or against you! This is what happened to the children of Israel in the wilderness! The majority said that they could not go and possess the land and they perished in the wilderness. Only Caleb and Joshua in that generation made it into the promised land. Num13v30-33: 14v24, 28; Ps106v33.

This is why you have to be deliberate about the kind of words you speak. So what kind of words should you begin to speak if you are going to be a winner in life? Below are some of the kinds of words that you should speak:

a. Speak faith and not fear or doubt. Speak faith filled words and not fear filled words! Another way of saying this is to speak what you believe and not what you don’t believe. In other words speak according to:

-The written word of God. Faith is saying what God has said in his word. So it also means that if you will be successful in speaking faith, you must at least be familiar with the Bible. Heb4v12. Because you cannot speak faith-filled words if you are not familiar with the Bible. So it’s time to get rooted and established in God’s word. The word of God is the secret place of his power. So it’s time for you to speak God’s counsel concerning your life because when you do so, you will be speaking faith based words.

-The revealed word of God to you. This is also known as rhema in the Greek language. It is the word that God gives in for a particular situation at a specific time. It is the spoken word of God and when you say what God is saying to you that will be equal to speaking faith. I hope you can see what I mean. This is how to speak faith-based words. Just take what God is saying to you and speak back. Pro4v20. This is far better than speaking doubt, fears, or anxieties because these kinds of words will put you over in life. So, my dear friends, it’s time to start paying attention to the words of your mouth. You don’t have to say something you don’t mean or want! Always be deliberate about your words and you will notice a new realm of dominion and power in your life.

This is where I will be drawing the curtains in today’s lesson, join me powerfully in tomorrow’s lesson. Cheers!

Other Scriptural References: Luk1v45; Acts27v25; Ps147v15, 18; Eph4v29; Pro15v28.

Prayer for Today: Lord help me to keep watch over the door of my mouth in Jesus name amen

CONFESSION: Thank You Father for opening my eyes of understanding to the power of words! I receive grace today to start paying attention to my words. I receive wisdom in using my words carefully and also choosing the right words. I have decided that my mouth will work for me and not against me. This is my resolution and pledge in Jesus name amen.