2Chronicles25verse2: ‘And he did that which was right in the sight of the Lord, but not with a perfect heart.’

God is not just interested in the service that we render unto him but he is also interested in how we render the service to him. So it’s not important to do the right thing but it’s important to do it in the right ways, this is what happened To King Amaziah in our text scripture (2Chronicles25verse2); he did that which was right in God’s eyes but not with a perfect heart. This simply means that God is interested in how we serve him. 1Chro15v13 (Num4v15:7v9). What this means is that there are right ways of serving God and there are also wrong ways of serving him. So my dear friends, how have you been serving God? Are you serving him in the right ways?

Now in order for us to know how to serve God in the right ways, we need to understand what it means to serve God in the right ways.

What it means to Serve God in the Right Ways:

1. To serve God in the ways he wants to be served. There are ways God wants to be served. He doesn’t want to be served anyhow or any way. He has certain ways in his mind that he wants us to serve him. Just like men also like to be served in certain ways, God also has certain ways he wants us to serve him. And until we do so, our service will not be right. Rom13v7. So my dear friends, are you ready to serve God in the way he wants to be served?

2. To serve God on his terms and not on your terms. This is how to serve God in the right way. He wants you to serve him on his terms. Yes, this may look surprising to you but trust me, it is the least you and I can do to serve God on his terms. We ought to serve God on his own terms and conditions and not the other way around. And guess what? God’s conditions are not difficult to meet. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get busy serving God according to his dictates and terms.Deut10v12; 1Jn5v3.

3. To serve God according to his Will and purpose. God has his own will and purpose that he wants you to fulfill by serving him. He has his agenda and programs. And until you serve him according to his will, you will be wasting your time and energy. So it’s time to pursue God’s will and purpose concerning service. When we do this, things will be easier for us at the end of the day! Eph5v17; Jer42v6. So what are you waiting for? May today usher you into the beginning of such a season in Jesus name amen.

Other Scriptural References: Matt26v39, 42; Mic6v8; Ps29v1-2:1 Cor14v40; Mal1v6-14.

Prayer for Today: Lord, I repent of all ways of not serving you in the right ways today in Jesus name amen.

CONFESSION: Thank you Father for opening my eyes to these truths. I receive your help and wisdom in being a doer of this word. My life and service will not remain the same again as I enter into a deeper realm of service to my God. It is a new day and dawn for me. Hallelujah.