Revelation 3 verse 6: ‘He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.’

Being sensitive to God is such a valuable asset of the believer because almost everything about your life depends on it. So how sensitive are you to God? Your sensitivity to God matters a lot and in fact a lot of things depend on it. One such thing that depends on your sensitivity is your prosperity. There is a connection between prospering and your sensitivity. Rom8v16; Jb36v11. This is why your ability to hear God is critical and crucial in this season. Jer42v6.

So my dear friends,

How well do hear God?

To what extent are you able to decipher God’s voice?

And to what degree are you obeying his instructions to you? Ps95v7

My dear brothers and sisters, the answers you give to these questions, will tell where you are in your walk with obeying God. If you would be successful in hearing God, then you must pay attention to the following:

-The Word of God. This is very important because God’s word carries his voice. Heb4v12.

-Your Prayer Life or Fellowshipping with God in the place of prayer, because this is one of the avenues for God to speak. Acts13v1-2.

-Obeying the Spirit of God. If you want to be sensitive to God’s voice and what he is saying, then this is one thing that you need to do. Matt13v9.

My dear friends, God is about to take your life to another level, are you ready for this new change?

Other Scriptural References: Acts26v19; Jer42v6; 2Chro26v5; Gen26v1-3, 12-14; 1Ki17v2, 9.

Prayer for Today: Father God, help me to always be sensitive to what you are saying per time in Jesus name amen.

CONFESSION: My days of walking in the dark are over because I have the Holy Spirit and his Word. As I walk in His Word and with the Holy Spirit, I walk in the light. Therefore I won’t stumble or fall. His light shines on me and my paths in Jesus name amen.