Proverbs 20verse12:The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, the Lord hath made even both of them.’

I have discovered that not everyone has eyes that see. For some, they only have looking eyes or eyes that only look. But if you will truly live up to your potential and fulfil your colourful destiny, you need to have seeing eyes. By the way, what do we mean by seeing eyes?

Seeing Eyes are eyes that can see opportunities. The truth of the matter is that not everyone sees opportunities and opportunities are all around us. In fact, amid difficulties, there are opportunities and in opportunities, there are also difficulties. It just depends on your perspective, positioning and posture. Jer1v11, 13.

So my dear friends, what do you see? What you see is very important because it will determine:

-What you will get or receive.

-What you will become.

-How far you will go or the direction you will go.

-How others perceive you.

-Reveals your Personality.

I know there is darkness all around us at the moment, but this is why you will shine because you are light. Matt5v14, 16. You need eyes that see to be able to maximize your life and also fulfil your colourful destiny. Do you know that there are opportunities everywhere but many people can’t see them because their eyes of understanding have not been opened to see? This is why you need to engage the help and assistance of the Holy Spirit if you will see and seize the opportunities of this season. So can you do this successfully? You can do this by asking the Holy Spirit to help you in the following areas:

Holy Spirit, help me see things others don’t see or can’t see.

-Holy Spirit, help me to see the things that are beyond my experience and age.

-Holy Spirit, help me to see ahead of others.

-Holy Spirit, help me to see the things that are hidden to others

-Holy Spirit, help me to see beyond where I am or my nose.

-Holy Spirit, help me to see afar off. Gen31v8-13.

My dear friends, as you pray these kinds of prayers I know that you will begin to experience seeing opportunities on a new level in Jesus name amen.

Other Scriptural References: Luk24v45; Philip2v15; Isa 42v18-20; Jos6v2:8v2.

Prayer for Today: Precious Holy Spirit, help me to see the opportunities in this season in Jesus name amen.

CONFESSION: Father God thank you for empowering me to see like I ought to see. Thank you for opening my eyes of understanding. Thank you for illuminating my paths and shining your light my way. I will not remain the same again in Jesus name amen.