Daniel 1verse8: ‘But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself.’

I hope you are enjoying this series of teachings on New Year resolutions! This is one major key that can help you in getting much more out of this year. It’s possible to accomplish your New Year resolution! And this is one of the reasons this message is coming to you. However, if your New Year resolution will see the light of day, we must understand the reasons why it fails at times. So, without much ado, let us examine some more reasons for failure in achieving our resolutions!
Reasons Why Some Resolutions Fail:

  1. Lack of Accountability. You need a measure of accountability if you are going to be successful in accomplishing your resolutions. According to the American Society of Training Development, you stand a 65% chance of meeting up with your goals after you commit to another person. So, who are your accountability partners? Who are the people who are keeping you on track and who also help monitor and encourage you along the way? Our failure to have such people in our lives is often why some of our resolutions fail to fly. So, my dear friends, stop walking alone. You need all the help you can get in achieving your goals. Eccl4v9.
  2. Lack of Planning. This is another reason why some resolutions fail. You need to have strategies that will help you accomplish your goals. Without a game plan in place, your chances of achieving your goals are slim. So clearly define the things it will cost you to accomplish your goals this year. Luk14v28-30; Pro24v27.
  3. Self-Doubt/Unbelief. You need to believe strongly in your resolutions if it’s going to come to pass. Stop the negative talk and unbelief. Start believing in your goals and dreams. Believe that God can make it happen. Without a positive mindset, accomplishing your goals this year will be practically impossible. So take care of this obstacle if you want your dreams to see the light of day. Mk9v23.
  4. The ‘why’ is not very clear. If you don’t have enough or strong reasons to why you are pursuing your goals for this year, those goals won’t see the light of day. So, how strong is your conviction and persuasion? How clear are you about your resolutions for this year? The clearer your goals, the greater your chances of accomplishing them. So make sure you are absolutely clear about this otherwise your dreams may not see the light of day. 1Cor14v8
  5. No Tracking System in Place. There must be a way of measuring and monitoring your progress otherwise, your goals for the year won’t see the light of day. So, what measures have you put in place? If there is no way of tracking your progress, then your resolutions won’t work.
    My dear friends, I believe you can now see why we often struggle to make our resolutions work! So it’s time to turn a new leaf! It’s time for a change for the better. May that change begin today.

Other Scriptural References: Luk12v16-21; Mk11v24; Pro15v22:11v14.

Prayer for Today: Holy Spirit, help me to be a doer of today’s message in Jesus name, amen.

CONFESSION: This year will yield dividends unto me because I am purposed to walk better with God. As I deal with the little foxes in my vines, I am becoming a better and stronger person. My life is changing from one level of glory to another as I accomplish my goals and aspirations for this year!