There are three reasons why you can dream again.

Firstly, because you have life. Once there is life, there is still hope. It’s not yet over, for as long as you have your breath within you, you can still dream again. So lift up your eyes and see into your promise land. See where God is taking you to, see into your future. See possibilities, see your future unfolding.

Life is one of God’s greatest gifts to you and of the best ways you can show your appreciation to God is to invest in it wisely; you do this when you pursue your dreams. You might have suffered untold injustice and pain, but you still have life. For as long as you have life, you can still dream again. This is why this revolution should start in your life today. Are you going to allow God?

Secondly, because you have the capacity to dream. The Almighty has given you this amazing ability. Every man possesses this ability, although not everyone is using it. It’s important that you use this mighty weapon to your advantage. You have what it takes to dream again, so why not use it? It’s in you, so use it. Tap into reserves and tap into what God has given you. No matter how anyone loves you, they can’t dream for you, it’s only you who can do it yourself.

Stop complaining of inability, because you don’t lack grace in this area. Remember you can do all things through the anointed one who strengthens you. Reactivate your dreams from today because you have the ability to so. Look inwards, what do you see? Can you see possibilities and new frontiers? These are some of the things you will encounter as you begin to dream again.

Thirdly, it’s a matter of decision. If you really want to begin to dream again, you can. It just borders on your decision as God has given unto man the power of choice. This is why He won’t choose for you or force His choice on you and your decision and your decision making. If you will decide today to begin to dream again, there is nothing the devil can do about it. It’s up to you.

The devil does not have power over your will for as long as you have not yielded over to him. You need to use the power of decision to your advantage. What is in your resolution today? The best decision you can make is to dream again. Don’t wait any longer, make your choice now. Start dreaming again. You will never regret doing so.

Seize the moment today. Receive grace to take the necessary steps you need to take. You will make a new chapter in your life and destiny. May your dreams see the light of day in Jesus’ Name.