Romans12verse12 ‘Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer.’

There are ways in which you ought to pray if you will command the kind of results that the Bible says you should command. There are ways to pray if this will be a living reality in your life. This is what this series of lessons is all about and I pray that your prayer life will be greatly enhanced as we go through these series. When you read the Bible, you will observe that God is very open and keen on how you ought to pray. An example is how God expects you to pray in our text scripture (Romans12verse12). And this is not the only place he counsels us on how to pray. In fact the Word of God is filled with numerous examples of such. So, my dear reader, how should you really be praying? If your life will change for the better, then you ought to be praying as follows:

1. Pray as if your entire life depends on it. Yes, my dear brothers and sisters, this is how God expects you to pray; in fact, this was how the early church and fathers of the faith prayed. No wonder they commanded such results and also carried so much power. So my admonition to you, too, is to pray likewise. Pray like your survival, success and even significance depend on it. Stop seeing prayer as a last resort but as your main alternative. When you begin to pray like this, you will begin to experience the wonders of God. Gen32v26. So it’s time to pray accordingly.

2. Pray with passion. I mean, put your heart into your prayers. At times, people pray with their heads instead of their hearts. To pray with passion is to allow your heart to be involved in your prayers. It is also to pray with zeal and your heart. Do you know that anything that you are passionate about is what will touch your heart? So, how passionate are you about your prayers? My admonition to you today is to fully resolve in your heart and mind that you will allow your heart to be involved in your prayers. When you pray in this manner, you will be provoking the unseen hand of God to work in your life. May this be a living reality in your life from today. Jam5v17.

I would like you to join me tomorrow for the continuation of this series. Cheers!

Other Scriptural References: 2Chro14v11; Lk2v36-38; Col4v2, 12.

Prayer for Today: Lord I receive grace to be a doer of this Word in Jesus name, amen.

CONFESSION: Precious Holy Spirit, help me never to pray in vain. Help me to always pray according to your perfect will all the days of my life. This is my desire and pledge in Jesus name, amen.