Job42verse5: ‘I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee.’ 

Our God is a God of divine encounters and the Bible is filled with stories of divine encounters. By the way, what is a divine encounter? It is an experience or meeting with God. In a divine encounter, God reveals himself to us: 

-beyond your comprehension or understanding. 

-In ways you are not familiar with. 

-In ways you are familiar with. 

It is just like Job’s experience with the Lord in our text scripture (Job42verse5). In the same vein, God wants to reveal himself to you beyond what you have known or are familiar with. So, how prepared are you for his visitation?  

My dear friends, I have also discovered that God usually gives us a divine encounter via the following means: 

-His Word. 

-His Holy Spirit. 

-His Anointed Agents or Servants. Hos12v13 

Another important truth that you also need to know about divine encounter is that it can either: 

-Be Provoked. You can stir up or initiate a divine encounter with God, as we saw Hannah do in Samuel 1verse 10- 19. 

– Happen unexpectedly or normally. What I mean by this is that it can be unplanned! This is what Abraham experienced with God when God came to visit him in a human form in Genesis 18. This is another dimension in which a divine encounter can happen. 

-Pre-planned.This simply means planned in advance or arranged or determined by God. Since the Lord is sovereign, he can also decide to manifest in this way. A good example is what happened to Moses in the back side of the desert when he encountered God via the burning bush. Exo3v1-6. 

So, my dear friends, God can choose to manifest himself to you through any means! So, to what extent are you ready for his visitation? 

Other Scriptural References: 2Ki4v8-17; 1Sam10v6-7; Acts9v1-6. 

Prayer for Today: Lord, I need your visitation in my life today in Jesus name, amen. 

CONFESSION: My hour of visitation is here! I await God’s visitation upon my life and tabernacle today! I expect his touch and mighty hand on my life! I receive by faith my divine encounter with the Lord today!