1Peter 5verse 7: ‘Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.’

The scripture is very clear about what you should do about your worries or how to handle them! This is also clearly seen in our text scripture (1 Peter 5verse 7): God wants you to cast all your cares on him. The word casting used here in Greek means to throw upon or place upon. And the simple reason God wants you to do this is because he is your burden bearer. He wants to help you carry the burdens, i.e., worries, anxieties, etc., instead of you carrying them. Matt11v28. God is the person that we can run to with regards to bearing our burdens, so it’s high time for you also to truly surrender all your burdens to him. Heb4v15.

My dear friends, God is able to bear and carry any worry or anxiety that you have, but you must first cast it on him. Isa53v4.

Are you willing to surrender and hand over to him all your worries and cares? This is why God is sending this teaching your way today.

If you go back to our text scripture (1 Peter 5verse 7), you will notice that the admonition is for us to cast our cares on him. He uses the word “casting,” which suggests that:

-It is something that you have to keep doing until you enter into a place of rest and assurance, where that burden or care is no longer an issue.

-It is something that you have to do again and again. It’s not a one-off thing but a continuous thing. So you keep casting until you gain dominion and victory. Hallelujah! Isa41v10.

My dear friends, this is what you ought to do if you really want to walk in the realm of victory over your cares and worries. Therefore, you have to be willing to learn this principle when dealing with your cares and worries. And by the way, how can you cast your burdens on him? You cast your worries and anxieties on God by:

1. By your words. In other words, you declare with your mouth any worry or care that you need to cast upon the Lord. I believe that you understand what I mean by this! Hos14v2.

2. In the place of prayers. Prayer is one of the avenues by which you cast your burden on the Lord. This is why it’s often said, “Why Worry When you can Pray”. Philip4v6-7.

Therefore, instead of being agitated or worked up, learn to bring all your burdens to the place of prayers. For therein will you find succour and healing? I pray that this will be your testimony from today as you start casting all your cares on the Lord.

Other Scriptural References: Matt12v37; Rom8v26; 2Chro20v1-18; Matt27v32.

Prayer for Today: Lord, I receive grace from today in casting all my cares on you in Jesus name, amen.

 CONFESSION: I recognise you, Lord, as my Burden Bearer. Therefore, I surrender all my care and worries to you. I refuse to carry them anymore, for you are able to do a better job. This is why I place upon you from henceforth all of my worries and anxieties, so, therefore, I enter into a realm of dominion and victory in Jesus name amen