The picture you have in your heart as per your future or tomorrow is what is meant by DREAMS. It could also mean possibilities that you see in tomorrow. It’s a clear picture of where you are going, what you want to do and accomplish and who you want to be. It’s the blueprint of your future. This is what is meant by dreams. It doesn’t mean day dreaming or living in a fantasy island; what you see yourself becoming, where you see yourself getting to, what you see yourself accomplishing are actually answers to whether you have a dream or not.

You can still dream again. No matter what might have been your lot in life, No matter your current situation or circumstance, you can still dream again. Giving up or resigning yourself to fate is wrong but dream again is the right thing to do.

One of the greatest tragedies of life is to stop dreaming .i.e. top stop seeing your future or to stop living your dreams. For instance we all dream of a greater Nigeria but that is not the present reality now, but this should not stop you from dreaming great dreams about this country.

Though, it can be frustrating going by what you hear on the news broadcast every day. It is known that many have stopped dreaming because of the negative things they see around them. This is why you need to dream again. For instance, it is by dreaming and working towards our dreams that we get there. Don’t stop dreaming. You need to remember that we grow by dreams and dreams inspire our hope and confidence. Therefore, don’t stop dreaming. Don’t let go of your dreams! Don’t forfeit or neglect it. By focusing on your dreams you keep your hope alive.

You can still dream again no matter what you might have been through. That is why today, it is important that you pick up your dreams once again. You need to start dreaming again, pick up those plans and agendas again. You can still make up for whatever you might have lost if you start dreaming again. Don’t lose sight of your dreams. Keep it within your focus and reach. Revive your dreams in case you have abandoned and neglected it. Revive your dreams in case you think it’s too good to be real. Make up your mind to do so now. It’s best to decide today, for “Decision determines Destiny”.

There is a story of a young woman in the Bible by the name of RUTH. She never stopped dreaming. She did not lose hope or heart. She kept believing despite the fact that she lost her husband at a tender age. She kept her hope alive by dreaming again. This was what made her better than Oprah her fellow sister- in-law.

Ruth cleaved unto Naomi her mother-in-law because of her dream and faith. Even though Naomi herself had stopped dreaming, Ruth kept on going and because she did not stop dreaming, her dreams eventually restored the hope and confidence of Naomi. For Naomi herself testified in Ruth 2: 20 saying “Blessed be he of the LORD, who hath not left off his kindness to the living and to the dead”.

A beautiful translation of that verse by the living Bible says, “Praise the LORD for a man like that! God has continued his kindness to us as well to your dead husband”. You can read a detailed account of this story that it pays to dream again, that’s the same message God is sending to you also at this moment.

It’s time to dream again. You can start again, you can begin from where you left off. It’s not too late. You still have a chance. You may not have anything left for you to build on but as long as you have a dream you have everything, that’s why you need to start dreaming again.