Pro.29v18: Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; but happy is he who keeps the law.

You cannot underestimate the necessity of having a vision in our lives. That is why (Pro.29v18) explicitly tells us about the power and value of a vision. Where there is no vision, there is chaos, disorderliness, confusion and every other evil work. This is why you need to know what a vision is and understand its roles in a man’s life. This series of teachings will be centred on this, and I believe you will be greatly blessed and empowered by this lessons (Pro.16v22).

So what is a Vision? From the Hebrew language, a vision means “chazown” which means a sight i.e. a dream, revelation or oracle. It’s derived from a primary word that means “to gaze at” or to perceive, contemplate (with pleasure). So basically, vision has to do with what you see! But I would like to go further by breaking down this definition by saying that vision is:

– What you see with the eyes of your spirit or understanding (Eph.1v18).
– The ability to see the future or tomorrow i.e. it’s a picture or blueprint of tomorrow. So what can you see about yourself concerning the future? (Jer.1v11, 13).
– The ability to see now or today i.e. it’s the ability to see the opportunities within your current circumstances. So it’s not only limited to seeing tomorrow but also today. Vision helps you to be alert to the opportunities around you (Neh.1v4, 11).
– The ability to see into the past i.e. hindsight (Rom.15v4). My dear reader, you need the wisdom of the past to make the right decisions today. So we can say in a nutshell that vision is a foresight with insight based on hindsight. It’s basically a combination of 3 kinds of sight i.e.
– Foresight- Ability to see ahead or into the future.
– Insight- Ability to see within or what is on the inside or hidden.
– Hindsight- Ability to see behind you i.e. the past.
– The ability to see whom you were meant to be, where you were meant to go and what you were meant to do or accomplish.

So essentially speaking, vision is a picture of who you are meant to be, where you were meant to go and what you were meant to accomplish (Jer.1v4-5).

This is what the concept of a vision is all about and the Almighty has given to everyone the capacity to see. The problem is that most people don’t realize this or don’t know how to activate it. But I am believing God for you that through this series of teachings, you will come into terms with the visions and dreams of your heart in Jesus name, amen.

Other Scriptural References: (Acts 9v16; Gen.11v6: 13v14-15; 1Sam.17v32; Jer.24v3).

Prayer for Today: Holy Spirit, thank you for granting me a full revelation and understanding of what a vision really is in Jesus name, amen.

CONFESSION: Heavenly Father, thank you for enabling me to see into today the past and tomorrow. I do not grope in the dark because I have the light of God. I am a man or woman of vision. I can see and discern what God is saying to me. I can see what is obvious and what others cannot see. I can see what is hidden and concealed. Therefore, I walk upon my high places in life and I also manifest the glory of God.