Deut.8v18: And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

You are welcome back to our discussion on the subject of economic empowerment. I have shared so far with you nine major principles that can enable you to experience economic empowerment and I trust that you have been blessed so far by these powerful principles. I believe that these principles possess the power to change and transform your life and work. Today by his grace, I’ll be sharing with you one more crucial thing that will bring you into the land of financial freedom. I’m super excited about this principle because it’s one of the major keys to actualizing financial freedom in your life. So without wasting much of our time, I would like us to delve right away into this principle.


9. Embrace a wealthy mentality. Your mentality or thoughts play a very major role in whether you will be financially free or not. Like a wise man once said, to be a millionaire, you need to think like a millionaire. It is important for us to note that our thinking or our thoughts influence us a great deal. It determines whether we will be free financially or not, so in essence, you cannot be greater than your thoughts. In fact, this is why you need to pay attention to what you think (Philip.4v8). I want you to remember the following things about your thought life:

  • Your thoughts determine what you believe. This is crucial because what you believe will also determine what you get, but it starts with what you are thinking. So your thoughts are very powerful.
  • You become what you think. What you think is what you become. Proverbs 23 verse 7 establishes this principle. So a prosperous mindset equates to a prosperous life, while a poverty mindset equates to a life of poverty.

So what you think is very important. Stop thinking like a poor man and start thinking like the wealthy man that you are. Your life will usually gravitate in the direction of your most dominant thoughts. Always remember this, everything starts with our thoughts or with a thought. Your thoughts lead to actions while your actions form your habits and your habits shape your character while your character determines your destiny, but everything starts with our thoughts. This is why you need to pay attention to your thoughts if you really want to be financially free. You will be as small as you’re controlling desire and as great as your dominant aspiration. In fact, you are today where your thoughts have taken you, you will be tomorrow where your thoughts will take you. So it’s time to start paying attention to the kind of thoughts that goes on in your mind because it is either attracting into your life the flow of financial blessings or separating you from your financial blessings.

So what does it take as an individual to think prosperously? One major tool that can help you to think along this line is to begin to consciously renew your mind with the word of God. The word of God has the power to change and also give you a new way of thinking. The word has the power to trash out negative thoughts and replace them with the right kind of thoughts; I mean godly and anointed thoughts. So this is why you need to have time for the word of God, you need to begin to consciously think in line with the word of God because this is how your mindset or mentality will begin to change for the better as you embrace the word of God and begin to apply it to your thoughts. You start seeing yourself the way God sees you and that changes everything for the better. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to begin to meditate in the word of God daily so that the process of transformation of your mind can begin in earnest (Jos1v8).

As you begin to meditate in the word of God in order to change your mindset to a prosperous mindset, you need to pay attention to your thoughts in the following ways:

  • Choose your thoughts wisely. Avoid foolish and useless thoughts as much as possible because this will not help you achieve your financial freedom goals.
  • Be intentional about what you think. You have the power to choose your thoughts instead of being a slave of your thoughts. So take charge of your thought life in order for you to come into your place of financial dominance.
  • Give no place to any contrary thoughts. Resist and permanently renounce every negative and contrary return because you have the power to say no. God has given the power to choose your thoughts and you also have the power to renounce every contrary thought, so use this power judiciously (Matt.18v18).

Precious child of God, it’s time to take seriously the kind of thoughts that goes on in your mind if you are going to take charge of your finances and rule and reign in that realm. It all starts with the kind of thoughts that you are thinking. Stop thinking negatively. Stop thinking like a poor man. Begin to embrace a wealthy mentality that is line with the word of God and as you do this, you will discover that the tide will begin to change in your favour. I pray that this will be your portion in the name of Jesus.

Other Scriptural References: (Prov.4v23; 11v25; 13v4: Ps.1v1-3: 3Jn.2; Eph.4v23; 2Cor.3v18).

Prayer for Today: I renounce every negative and contrary thought of poverty and I begin to embrace from today a prosperous mindset in my thinking and mentality in the name of Jesus.

CONFESSION: I have a prosperous mindset instead of a poverty mindset as I renew my mind in the word of God. I see my mind going through a transformation from glory to glory. Therefore, I see myself as a winner and not a loser. I see myself gaining dominance in my financial life and operations. I see myself as prosperous and not poor. Therefore, I enter into my financial heritage and blessing. Glory be to Jesus, my days of living from hand to mouth is over in the name of Jesus. My days of prosperity has come.