Deut.8v18: And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

I am super excited about this series of messages on economic empowerment because God wants you to gain control of your finances and also be in charge. He wants to give you financial dominance, that is why he promises us in (Deut.8v18) that he will give us the power to get wealth. He wants you to be financially free and this is what this series of teachings are all about. I pray that you will be empowered economically in all aspects of life in Jesus name. So far, I have shared with you seven powerful principles that will usher you into your financial heritage. Today, by his grace, we will be considering another powerful tool for your financial freedom. This tool will enable you to be financially independent. So let’s examine these powerful instruments right away.

Reasons for Economic Empowerment:

8.  Become a solution provider. A solution provider is someone who has the capacity to solve problems. The truth of the matter is that the key to your economic empowerment lies in your ability to solve other people’s problems. Today, Microsoft is known for solving software problems. Apple is known for personal computers at home, while Dell is also known for customized computers. By the way, Facebook is known for solving the problem of human relationships. There is hardly any company or Enterprise that is not geared towards solving one problem or the other. So you need to develop your capacity to solve problems if you are going to break forth financially. The truth of the matter is that money is hiding in problems, needs, or desires. In fact, a wise man once said every problem is a business and why do you call a problem a problem? A problem is something you can do something about. Every problem is a business and every problem is a blessing in disguise. So the key question to ask yourself today is whether you are a problem-solver or not. Every one of us possesses the capacity to solve problems but you will not develop this capacity until you exercise this ability continually. The world is a better place today because of people who have developed their capacity to solve problems even when you look at the scriptures the likes of Daniel, David, Joseph, Solomon to mention just a few are examples of men who develop their capacity to solve problems. You too can do the same if you will begin to pay attention to your capacity to solve problems. For instance, if you live in a country like Nigeria, you will realize that we have a lot of problems as a nation. Some of these problems are in the area of economy, light, water, leadership, housing, food, technology, and so on and so forth. These problems are actually avenues of making money if you have the right kind of mentality about the problem. In fact, what you call a breakthrough is actually the problem that you solve. So what kind of problem are you solving? The kind of problem that you are solving will determine the kind of returns and reward that comes into your bosom. This is why it’s important for you to develop your capacity to solve problems if you’re going to be relevant economically speaking. In fact, the countries that we refer to as advanced countries today are actively involved in solving humanity’s problems, thus making the world a better place. So if you don’t want to be forgotten or lost in your generation, you need to awaken this capacity to solve problems in you. This is what distinguished the likes of Joseph, Daniel in their generation and it will do the same for you once you begin to develop this awesome capacity that you have. Sometimes ago, I read the book by John C. Maxwell, and it defined a problem by the following acronyms:

Predictors– They mould our future.

Reminders– We are not self-sufficient. We need God and others to help.

Opportunities– They pull us out of our ruts and cause us to think creatively.

Blessings– Problems open up doors that we usually do not go through.

Lessons– Each new challenge will be our teacher.

Everywhere– No place or person is excluded from troubles.

Messages- Problems warn us of potential danger or disaster

Solvable-There is no Problem without a Solution.

So how will you rate yourself when it comes to solving problems? Because the more problems you solve, the more opportunities you have to be blessed. This is why you need to sharpen your problem-solving skills. You have what it takes to solve problems. How do I know this? You can do this because:

  1. You have received an anointing from the only one to know all things. The anointing that you carry knows all things. So the anointing that is within you is not for decoration. This is the time to begin to tap into the wisdom that is within you that knows all things. The anointing within you possesses answers to all kinds of challenges. So it’s time to begin to take advantage of what you carry so that you can be a blessing to your world (1Jn.2v20, 27).
  2. Because you have the mind of Christ. Yes, you have an anointed mind. The mind of Christ enables you to think beyond the natural and tap into the unlimited mind of Christ, which is supernatural by the way, and guess what? Thinking is one way by which you generate ideas. So it’s time to put on your thinking cap. Start to think according to the ability of this mind, as you begin to do this, you gain entrance into the unlimited mind of Christ, which will put you over in life (1Cor.2v16).
  3. You have the brains. Yes, you have intelligence and God expects you to use it. It’s important for you to know that your brain is like a muscle that needs to be exercised. This is why it’s important for you to rest well, exercise, read challenging books and spend time for sober reflection. These kinds of exercises will help to put your brain at the optimal level. So it’s time for you to tap into the creativity and the imagination that is within you. It’s time to focus on what the Almighty has blessed you with so that you can begin to walk in your high places (Ps.119v98-101).

I hope you can see that you have what it takes to solve problems. You were made and designed by the Almighty to be a solution provider. So it’s time to maximize fully this awesome ability that you possess because it will usher you into the world of financial freedom that you desire. I pray in the name of Jesus that your capacity to solve problems will keep getting better and better as the day goes by. See you in your land of economic empowerment.

Other Scriptural References: (Dan.1v17-21: 5v11: 4v8,18; Gen.41v38-39; Exo.31v1-6; 1ki.2v7,13-14; Act 10v38).

Prayer for Today: Precious Holy Spirit, help me to tap into the fullness of my capacity to solve problems in Jesus name.

CONFESSION: I have the capacity to solve problems. This ability is inherent in me as I co-operate with God and his spirit. I am going from one level of Glory to another level of Glory with regards to my ability to solve problems. As I develop my capacity to solve problems, ideas, concepts, innovations, and creativity become the order of the day for me. I am like Daniel and Joseph that excelled in their generation because of their capacity to solve problems. I am a blessing to my world and not just a burden. My capacity to solve problems takes me to another level of operation and as I work fully in this ability, my financial story is changing for the better. I come into the dimension of being financially free; this is my heritage and portion in the name of Jesus.