Deut.8v18: And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

I strongly believe you are getting blessed by this series of messages on economic empowerment. I have been sharing the secrets behind your financial freedom with you. As we can see from (Deut.8v18), it is clear that God is interested in our financial freedom, but we need to also realize that there is a pathway that leads to economic empowerment. We have been talking about these pathways for some time now, and in today’s lesson, we will be sharing another powerful tool for your economic empowerment. So without much ado, let’s examine this powerful instrument today. ¬†


7. Have multiple streams of income. It’s important to note that if you’re going to be economically empowered, you need more than one stream of income in order to be financially free. What does this mean? It simply means that you need to have more than one income stream if you will really become financially free. It’s like an ancient proverb that says the sea never runs dry because it receives water from various rivers or streams. In the same vein, you need to be able to receive income or finances from various sources. Many Bible scholars believe that the river in the Garden of Eden that breaks forth into four rivers is a type of stream or multiple streams of income. You can see these in (Gen.2v8-15).

These four rivers are as follows:

i. Pison. Which means free or full-flowing.

ii. Gihon. Which means bursting forth.

iii. Hiddekel. Which means rapid and finally;

iv. Euphrates. Which means fruitfulness.

These rivers represent the kind of income or sources of income that you’re supposed to have. There are different dimensions of these streams of income and I will like us to look at the meaning of these dimensions of streams of income.

1. One-time stream of Income. This is a kind of income that once you work once, you get paid once or in order to get paid again you have to work again. It is also referred to as earned income. This is the commonest kind of income that we are associated with, but you need to move from this kind of income if you’re going to be financially independent

2. One and always stream of income. This kind of income stream is where you work hard once but get paid continually for the same labour. You don’t have to work hard again to keep getting money from this stream of income. A good example of this kind of stream is the transport or rental kind of business, book writing, or an album release. This kind of income is also known as passive income. This kind of income is far better than the one-time stream of income, but you need not stop here because there’s another stream.

3. Free flow stream of income. This kind of stream is where you don’t even have to do anything; instead, you put your money to work for you. Examples are things like bonds, stocks, mutual funds, et cetera. This kind of stream of income is also known as portfolio income. Essentially speaking, you need these three dimensions of income streams in operation in your life if you are going to be financially free. This is why it’s important to create multiple streams of income for yourself, and how do you create such kinds of income? This is a very important question to ask yourself, and I would like us to examine three ways you can achieve this very briefly.

1. Discover your primary or dominant stream. This simply means for you to find out the stream of income that seems to be dominant in your life. In other words, your major source of income. Everybody has at least one major source of income, and it is from here that you build or develop the capacity for more (Pro.4v5, 7).

2. Use financial intelligence and investment mentality to develop other streams of income. This simply means that from your dominant or primary source of income, you need to use your ability to invest and your understanding of how money works to diversify and create other means of income. This will require a certain amount of knowledge and wisdom, but it is not something that is beyond your ability because others have been able to do this successfully. So that means that you too can (Rom.10v12).

3. Consolidate each stream and keep expanding it. Once you can diversify into other streams of income, you just need to repeat the same process repeatedly so that it grows from little into much in your arms. Once you master the act, it becomes easy to multiply (Isa.60v22).

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, it is very clear from our discussion today that you need this kind of wisdom if you are going to break forth financially. Wisdom is profitable to direct, and if you work in this wisdom, it will be easy for you to become empowered financially. This wisdom is available to you and me, and those who apply and put this wisdom to use will reap its dividend. So it’s time to get busy and start working on multiplying your streams of income so that you can enter into the land of your financial heritage. Shalom!

Other Scriptural References: (1ki.4v26-27: 10v23-29; Gen.13v2: 24v35: 30v43).

Prayer for Today: Holy Spirit, I receive your wisdom and courage to cultivate multiple streams of income in my life and operations in Jesus name.

CONFESSION: I am like the sea that never runs dry because I receive income from various sources. I work in the wisdom of God and by the operations of God’s wisdom, I am able to multiply the little that I have into much. I do not just operate by one stream of income but by multiple streams of income through God’s help and wisdom. Little is being turned into much. My hands are being filled with plenty, and my presses are bursting forth with plenty. I do not lack anything good because my source is from various means and avenues. Glory be to Jesus; I am operating in the land of financial freedom.