Pro.18v21: Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

Dearly beloved, we are yet to realize and comprehend the power of our tongue fully. Why do I say this? I said this because of how many of us take the words of our mouth lightly. According to (Pro.18v21), the power of life and death is in your mouth. Think about this for a moment. It means the power to make or mar is in your mouth, or better still, the power of blessing or cursing lies in your mouth (Pro.10v11). Basically, what the scripture is saying is that there is enough power at your disposal than you ever realize (Pro.12v6). This is why you need to start paying attention to what you say and I trust that the Holy Spirit will give you an encounter today that will change the way you use and see your mouth.

So how can your words work for you? First, your words can begin to have a possible effect if you pay attention to these things:


1. Stop joking with the words of your mouth. Stop playing with your words! Mean what you say and say what you mean. Take the words of your mouth seriously. Let your words mean a lot to you. This is how to harness the power of your tongue. If your words don’t mean anything to you, then how can they mean anything to God and others? So, my dear reader, start taking your words more seriously (Eccle.5v2).

2. Keep your promises. Do what you say. Let your words be your bond. This is how to make your words impactful and powerful. Let your yes be yes, and your no be no. Do not be a double-minded person. Let you and your words be inseparable. Do what you preach or teach. By so doing, you will be tapping into the power of your words (Eccle.5v4). Be a man or woman of your word from today.

3. Always speak the truth. The words of your mouth cannot carry weight and be powerful if you are a liar. This is what many people don’t realize. They do not know that being deceitful weakens the power of your words. If you seriously want your words to work for you, always speak the truth no matter the circumstances. Flee from a lifestyle of lying and deceit. This is one of the best things you can do for your tongue. So, my dear reader, are you ready to embrace the culture of speaking the truth? (Pro.12v19, 22).

Other Scriptural References: (Eph.4v15, 25; Col.3v9; Ps.15v4; Jam.1v8; Pro.12v18: 6v2: 13v2: 14v3: 16v10; Eccle.8v4; Matt.12v37).

Prayer for Today: Heavenly Father, help me maximize the power of my mouth to the praise and glory of your name in Jesus’ name, amen.

CONFESSION: My words will work for me and not against me. Therefore, I am lifted by the power of my words. I choose to speak according to the word and according to my heart’s desires. I speak faith and not fear. I speak possibilities and not impossibilities. As I cooperate with the Holy Spirit and the word of God, I am experiencing the transforming power of words in my life.