1Corinthians14verse40 ‘Let all things be done decently and in order’.

Our God is a God of order and decency! He wants things to be done in the right ways. This principle applies to every area of life, but our focus has been on the subject of marriage. We have been looking at the rules of behavior in marriage. The fact that you are married does not mean you can just behave anyhow. There are certain acceptable behaviors and vice versa also. Today by his grace, I will continue to share with you more insights into the acceptable behaviors in marriage. So if you are ready for this, let’s delve into it right away.

8. Make your partner your top priority. In order words, let your spouse matter to you. So my dear reader, how important is your spouse to you? Your answer to this question will determine the place and value your spouse occupies in your life. As a general rule, don’t take your partner for granted! Cherish and uphold them in high esteem if you want your marriage to work. You also must remember that your partner is not your doormat, errand girl, boy, or property. They are your helper, companion, friend, confidant, and lover. Gen2v18: Pro31v28-29, So make them your top priority

9. Don’t stop working on your marriage. This is important wisdom you always need to remember in your marital life if it will be a positive experience. Every marriage is a work in progress. The truth of the matter is that you never get to the point where you stop working on your marriage. So my dear brothers and sisters, make your marriage a top priority. Successful marriages are marriages that are being worked upon. Matt5v48

10. Stop criticizing or belittling your partner. Instead, you need to value and appreciate your spouse. Appreciate them for who they are and what they do or represent in your life. Your spouse will rise up to your level of appreciation for them. So stop talking at and down on your spouse. This important wisdom will serve you well in your marital life. So make sure you embrace it wholeheartedly. Philem1v6

11. Be sincere and honest with your spouse. It’s impossible to build anything worthwhile or lasting on lies and deceit. So if I were you, I would be open and honest with my spouse. This counsel will serve you so well in your marriage. So say no to every form of lies and deceit. Stop lying or deceiving your spouse. Honesty is still the best policy. Pro21v19,22

My dearly beloved ones, I believe that you have been blessed by these insights today. May it take your marriage to a new level in Jesus name, amen.

Other Scriptural References: Col 3v9: 2Pet3v18: 1Pet3v6-7: Gen2v25: Lk6v38

Prayer for today: Holy Spirit, help me to imbibe the truths you have revealed to me today in Jesus name, amen.

CONFESSION: I choose to work with the principles I have heard today. I will put them into practice in my marriage and social life. As I abide and live by these insights, my life is changing for the better in Jesus name, amen.