Psalm 37verse23-24. ‘The steps of good man are ordered by the LORD and he delighteth in his way. v2. Though he fall, he shall not utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand.’

I hope you have enjoyed this series of teachings on divine direction. Yes, it’s God’s will for you as his child to enjoy divine direction and the benefits that comes with it. The truth of the matter is that these blessings go alongside this provision. It’s good to know that our being led of God is not in vain. There is something to gain or benefit from being led by God. So my dearly beloved ones, don’t ever think that your labor is in vain. I have shared with you four powerful blessings that will accrue into your life as a result of being divinely guarded by God. Today by his grace, I want to consider more benefits that will come into your life via being led by God.


5. Divine Rest. If God is directing your steps, one of the things you stand to enjoy his divine rest. Divine rest speaks of peace, assurance and the quietness of God. When you enjoy divine rest is also an indication of God being with you. Dearly beloved, I want you to know that when God gives you rest, there is nobody who can give you trouble. So, rejoice because divine rest also facilities your prosperity and flourishing. Exo33v14-15: Isa48v17-18

6. Divine Presence. Where God leads, there will be his presence also. So my dear friends, if God is directing your steps, he will also go with you. This means that you will enjoy his presence. There is no other greater Blessing other than God’s Presence because it makes all the difference in the world. My dear brothers and sisters, this is a much-needed blessing in our time and I pray that as you allow God to lead you, His presence will continually be your heritage. Gen21v22: 1sam18v14

7. Divine Approval. When God is the one leading you, you will enjoy his Divine Backup or Approval. This is one of the realities of the blessings of being led by God. I submit to you today that it is a blessing that you need to covet in your life and operations. So henceforth, let the matter of divine direction be a major issue in your life. Let God order your steps and goings. Stop doing things by the rule of the thumb. Let all your operations and steps be guided by God. When this happens, the blessings of divine approval and many more blessings will be your heritage. Matt3v17
If you are receiving these blessings today, I want you to make being led by God a major priority in your life. If you are making this submission, say a big AMEN.

Other Scriptural References: Matt17v5: Gen26v28;30v28;39v2-3,21: Philip4v7: 1Ki8v56: 2Ki7v1: 1Chro11v9

Prayer for Today: Heavenly Father, I choose to make you my guide and leader. Help me to live by this commitment all the days of my life.

CONFESSION: The blessings of divine direction are mine. As I allow myself to be led by God, these blessings are becoming a living reality in my life. Glory be to God for the blessings of His presence, approval and rest on all sides are mine. Hallelujah!