Psalm 37verse23-24. ‘The steps of good man are ordered by the LORD and he delighteth in his way. v2. Though he fall, he shall not utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand.’

You are welcome back to our discussion on the Blessings of Divine Direction. Divine direction is something that you can’t afford to do without as a believer. It’s so crucial to your survival and success; this is why you need to take it quite seriously. Another word for divine direction is divine guidance or to be led by God. When your life is regulated by God, there are blessings that you stand to benefit or gain. These blessings make your Christian experience more glorious and colorful. So, what are the blessings that will accrue into your life as a result of being led by God? These blessings are as follows:

1. Divine Supplies. When your steps are ordered by God, your provisions will be guaranteed. What this evidently means is that, if God is the one leading you, your needs shall be met. I know this from experience and this also can become a living reality in your life if you allow God to be your guide or leader. My dear reader, I want you to know that where God leads, he also provides. Ps81v10-11,16: Neh9v21

2. Divine Abundance. When your steps are ordered by God, there will be more than enough to meet all your needs. What this simply means is that if God is the one leading you, he will not only meet your needs but also supply it abundantly. Gen26v12-14,22. I want you to know that since Jehovah is your guide, he will superabundantly meet your needs too.

3. Divine Security. When your steps are ordered by God, divine safety is your heritage. Wow! This is such a powerful blessing that you enjoy as a result of God being your guide. So, you need not worry about your protection or preservation because Jehovah will see to it. He will sort this out. My dear reader, this should come as a great blessing to us, knowing full well the kind of world that we are living in right now. But thanks be unto God, for you are secured and surrounded by his mercies. Gen28v15

4. Divine Victory When your steps are ordered by God, the Lord himself will fight your battles. My dear friends, your victory is guaranteed because the Lord himself is your guide and shepherd. I know that there will be battles and pressures or persecutions but in all of these things, you are more than a conqueror. Isa42v13: Exo14v13-14

Dearly Beloved, these blessings are there for you to enjoy and experience. They are part of the wonderful provisions of being led by God that belong to you now. So, it’s time for you to start manifesting them.

Other Scriptural References: Exo13v21-22: isa54v,15,17: Num14v40-45: Rom8v31,37:2Ki4v1-7: Jn10v10: Matt17v24-27: Lk22v35

Prayer for Today: Father God, thank you for all the wonderful provisions of being led by you.

CONFESSION: I am walking in the reality of the blessings of divine direction. I appropriate these blessings by faith. These blessings are speaking in my life and operations! Glory be to God. My life is being changed from glory to glory!