Ps.33v1: Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous! For praise from the upright is beautiful.

Who and What is the source of your Joy? For some people, their happiness is based on things, people, environment, circumstances, position etc. But in actual fact, none of these things can give you true and lasting happiness. However, for a child of God, the Lord ought to be the Source of your Joy! This is why the Psalmist says in Psalm 33verse 1 that the righteous should rejoice in the Lord because the Lord ought to be the Source of his Joy! Jehovah is supposed to be the Source and Motivation of your Joy. And by the way, this is only the kind of Joy that’s constant because it takes its origin from God (Ps32v11). Every other kind of happiness is subject to change. So it’s time to stop looking elsewhere for your Happiness because nobody can make you happy like God or even give you the kind of Joy that he gives! So Precious Child of God, make up your mind that you will Rejoice in the Lord your God! Let this be your choice and, in fact, a permanent decision! Say this out loud: I choose to Rejoice in the Lord! God is the Source of my Joy and I will not be put to shame!

However, my dear reader, if you will truly rejoice in the Lord, you need to take note of the following truths:

  1. Rejoicing in the Lord is a Choice. It’s a personal decision you have to make for yourself. Nobody can do this for you. It’s something that you have to do for yourself! So have you made up your mind to rejoice in the Lord from Today? Begin to seize the initiative for your Joy from henceforth by finding something to be grateful for (Dan.1v8).
  2. Rejoicing in the Lord is an act of Faith. It’s not based on how you feel or your circumstances. In fact, the best time to Praise God is when you don’t feel like it. Faith has nothing to do with your feelings or senses but what you believe in your heart. So begin to rejoice based on his Promises and not the Circumstances! I guarantee you that your faith will put you over in the name of Jesus Christ, amen (Rom.4v20).
  3. Rejoicing in the Lord is an Inside Job. Joy is a Spiritual Force and not a natural phenomenon. It’s from within you and not from without. And don’t forget since God is on the inside of you too, your Joy has to come from the Inside because that’s where God lives! Since your Joy is from inside, then the world and the devil cannot take it away from you. This also means that your joy is not determined nor conditioned by the world or external forces! This is why you will win because your joy is from the Lord and it will put over the world and its cohorts in Jesus name, amen (Gal.5v22-23)

My dear brothers and sisters, always remember that God remains your ever-reliable and Dependable source of joy and you will never be put to shame! So rejoice evermore!

Other Scriptural References: (Ps.97v12; Philp.4v4; Lk.16v25; Hab.3v17-19; 2Cor.7v4-6; Ps.68v3: 64v10; 1Thes.5v16; Rom.12v12).

Prayer for Today: Father God, help me never to lose sight of you as the Source of my Joy in Jesus name, amen.

CONFESSION: I will rejoice in the Lord at all times because this is God’s will for my life. My Joy is from the Lord; therefore, the world and the enemy cannot take it away from me. Because Jehovah is the Source of my Joy, my foot will not be taken, neither will I be put to shame. God’s Joy is my Keeper and Sustainer! Glory be to his name!