Do you know that failures can be turned into success? Yes! You can overcome your failures no matter what they are? You can profit from your failures if you have the right kind of attitude. May your struggles be turned into success. May your frustrations be turned into fulfillment and may your problems be converted into prosperity.

In order to profit from our failures, we need to understand what failures really mean. A lot of people don’t know the true meaning of failure. In fact what some people call failure is really not failure. This is why it’s so crucial to know what failure truly represents.

Failure is an act that fails or an event that does not accomplish its intended purpose. It also means lack of success or loss of ability to function normally. Failure can also be defined as the lack of development or production. Failure occurs when you are not producing the desired results or not performing according to expectation. These are some of what failure really means. If you are experiencing any kind of failure, it can be turned around for the better.

This is why you should not care in or accept defeat. It’s not over yet! Things can still change for the better. Have faith in God and in His eternal principles. You will surely come out of that mess; you will surely stand and not sink. You will surely fly and not fall as you profit from your failures.

The five (5) basic understanding you need to have about FAILURE are:


What does this really mean? It simply means that failure is part and parcel of life. We fail to one degree or the other, in one ting or the other. Why is this so? It’s because failure is part of human nature. Ever since the first man fell due to the lie of the enemy, failure has been known to plague the whole of humanity.

But the good thing about failure is that it can be overcome, therefore be encouraged not to give up on your failures. Make up your mind to profit from your failures. Though you may have fallen but it doesn’t mean you won’t rise again. You may be down now, but you are still in the race of life, you are not yet out and you will win if you decide to profit from your setbacks. Therefore, when you fail, realsie it is not a strange thing and never allow your failures to stop you.

This is why the good book says in

Micah 7:8 “Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy when I fall, I shall arise, when I sit in darkness the LORD shall be a light unto me”.

Remember, that the man who never made a mistake, never made anything. So see your failures as a stepping stone to greatness. When you understand this concept about failures, it changes for the better the way you respond to your failures. May your story truly change for the better.


We tend to make the mistake of calling someone a failure or worst, still we even label ourselves as failures. Failure is not your name or who you are. Don’t allow people or the circumstance of life to give you a name that is not yours. No matter the kind of failures you have been through, you are not a failure because failure is an event and not an individual.

You need to understand that there is a great difference between saying “I am a failure” and “I have failed.” You are not a failure because God never made failures. Stop calling yourself a failure. The fact that you failed your exams doesn’t mean you are a failure or the fact that you failed in business doesn’t mean you are a failure.

It is important you understand that failure is not your name but a situation. It’s time to change your vocabulary. It’s time to change your confession. You need to watch your confession because you will become what you say repeatedly. This is an established principle and you need to change your confession for the better. Stop calling yourself a failure, rather admit your mistake and burdens learn from them and move on with your life.