Ps.68v35: O God, you are more awesome than your holy places. The God of Israel is He who gives strength and power to His people. Blessed be God!

I trust that you are getting more empowered and lifted through this series of teachings on empowerment. Yes, there are certain avenues that the God of empowerment has prepared for you to be empowered. As you take full advantage of these platforms, you will notice a new measure of freedom and fulfilment on all fronts. I am super excited about the other means of empowerment that I will be sharing with you today. So without much ado, let’s examine these powerful platforms right away.


  1. The Holy Spirit Platform. God also empowers his people via his spirit or anointing. This is another powerful means for you to get empowered and it’s something that you need to make good use of. So if you want to get empowered for life, you need to learn how to depend and lean on the Holy Spirit. He is your teacher, helper, enabler and equipper for life. You have such a huge reservoir of strength and power in him that you often don’t maximize. Now is the time to start tapping into the treasures and huge resources that is available in him. I can guarantee you one thing which is great grace and power that will be unleashed into your life and work as you actively begin to draw his power and strength. Will you begin your journey into a closer walk with him today? (Phil.4v12; Eph.6v10).
  2. The Word Platform. God also empowers through his Word. This is another powerful means of empowerment for you. His word empowers and makes you strong. This is why the more you abide in his word, the greater your chances of accessing his Empowerment. So it’s time for you to be fully immersed in his word. Let his word richly saturate your life (Col.3v16). Doing this will keep you empowered and lifted. So make sure you stay closer to his word. Never allow his word to depart from you. Stay rooted and grounded in his word. As you do this, I see you growing in his measure of empowerment. I see God’s empowerment not only sustaining you but also bringing you into a higher dimension of success and significance in Jesus name, amen (Pro.4v20-22).

Other Scriptural References: (Heb.4v12; Acts 20v32; Ps.119v25, 107; Jud.1v20; Eph.3v16; Col.1v11; Jn.14v16-18, 26; 1Jn.2v20, 27).

Prayer for Today: Heavenly Father, I lay claim to all avenues of getting empowered in life in Jesus name, amen.

CONFESSION: My moment of empowerment is here! I am empowered for supernatural living. I am empowered to fulfil my colourful destiny. I am empowered for more and to be a blessing to my generation. His empowerment works mightily in my life and every area of life. I am never without his empowerment and power and grace in making all the difference in all I do. Glory be to Jesus for my life is a reflection of his empowerment.