Proverbs 16verse9. ‘A man’s hearth deviseth his way: but the LORD directecth his steps.’

Most People make plans without God’s involvement, thereby resulting in serious problems or chaos, but the surest and best way to live is to make plans with God’s involvement. This is why our text scripture (Pro16v9) says your heart is involved in charting your ways but God just directs your steps. So, you need to make sure that God is involved in all your plans, projects, and endeavors. What do we mean by plan? It’s a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something. It can also mean a procedure, strategy, intention, or action point. I have also discovered from experience that the best way to live is to make your plans with God’s involvement. Ps25v3-4

So why is it necessary then to make plans with God’s help? Why do you need God’s help in your Planning?


1. Because without God’s help, your plans can be disappointed.

Planning is one thing; execution is another thing. Good plans still need God’s Help or assistance. So, my dear friends, this is one of the major reasons why you need God’s help. Pro15v22: Ps121v1-2

2. Because your Wisdom is limited.

Where your own wisdom ends, that’s where God’s wisdom begins. The end of man’s wisdom is the beginning of God’s Wisdom. This also means that God’s wisdom is much superior to man’s wisdom. So, the more reason why you need God’s help in making your plans Eph3v20: Jb36v22

3. Because God knows the Right path that you need to take.

Dear Friends, no other person knows the good and right paths in life more than your heavenly father. He understands the way more than any other person. So, you make your own job easier by getting him involved with your activities. So, my candid advice to anyone living life without God is to have a rethink and get God involved. This decision will yield great dividends in your life if you do so Ps37v23;32v8

4. Because God’s Plans are still the best for your life.

This is why you need to get God involved with the matters of your life. You are not here by accident but by purpose. You are not here by chance but by design. So, therefore, endeavor to get God involved with the issues of your life and life will take on a new meaning and beginning for you in Jesus name, amen. Pro16v4

Dearly Beloved, I believe that you have been blessed by the insights I have shared with you today. May the Holy Spirit further enlighten your spirits with this truth in Jesus name, amen.

Other Scriptural References: Isa46v10: Pro19v21;24v6: Rom11v33: Ps143v8;95v7;33v11: 1cor3v18-19

Prayer for Today: Father God, I acknowledge that there are no other better plans than your plans. Therefore, I submit myself to your counsel for my life in Jesus name, amen.

CONFESSION: Nobody plans better than my God. Therefore, I have resolved within myself to get God involved in all my ways. Wherever he leads me, that is where I go and as I follow him, I know that I won’t be put to shame in Jesus name, amen.