Luke18verse1 ‘And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;’

Dearly beloved, you are welcome back to our discussion on overcoming prayerlessness. Prayerlessness is an enemy of your destiny and wellbeing as a believer. This is why you must deal with this enemy before it deals with you. Matt13v25: Jn10v10. It’s encouraging to know that you can defeat prayerlessness. You can build your prayer life and in fact, you can become a prayer giant like Apostle Paul and several other people in the bible. So what does it take to defeat this enemy? I have shared one of the things you need to defeat prayerlessness, but today, by his grace, I will proceed further by sharing more insights along this line with you. So if you are ready, here we go!

2. Take advantage of other opportunities to pray. This is one of the avenues by which you can boost your prayer life. So what kind of opportunities are we talking about? Opportunities like:
-Praying with other praying men or women.Acts4v31
-Attending prayer meetings or programmes.
These are just some of the avenues you need to take in order to take your prayer life to another level. So when are you going to start taking advantage?

3. Have a covenant time of prayer. What do I mean by this? Have a specified time of prayer. My dear reader, you need to have a specified prayer time if you want to defeat prayerlessness. Whatever is not specific won’t be dynamic! Mk1v35. So it’s time to be intentional and purposeful about your prayer life. Some people take the approach of praying whenever they feel like praying instead of adopting a more consistent and deliberate way of praying; in this way, you will be able to defeat prayerlessness in your life. 1Thess5v17

4. Cry out to God for help and deliverance. Sometimes, prayerlessness could be a yoke or burden that needs to be destroyed by the anointing. And thank God, the anointing is available to terminate every and any form of bondage in our lives. So my dear brothers and sisters, if you are struggling with prayerlessness, today marks an end to its operations in your life. As you release your faith now, you are set free from every form of servitude and bondage. Your freedom is here; if I were you, I would receive it. My dear reader, as you cry out to God in desperation, he will hear you today. I decree that an end has come to prayerlessness in your life! Welcome to a new dimension of grace and supplication! If you are receiving this, say a Big AMEN. Isa10v27: 1Chro4v10

Other Scriptural References: Jer33v3:PS34v6, 17; 118v5; 141v2: Acts3v1: Jb1v5: Eph5v16: Eccle4v9

Prayer for Today: In the name of Jesus Christ, I enter into a new realm of grace in my prayer life!

CONFESSION: It’s a new day for me! The yoke of prayerlessness is broken over my life. I enter into a new liberty in my prayer life! An end has come to every form of struggle and lukewarmness in my prayer life. I receive fresh fire and anointing to pray like never before in Jesus name, amen.