James 1 v 8: He is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.

My dearly beloved ones, indecision is a great limiter of your blessings and potential. This is why you need to deal with indecisiveness in your life and endeavors too. According to God’s word in Jam. 1 v 8, indecision makes you unstable in all your ways. But glory be to Jesus; there are ways of dealing with this great enemy of your destiny. However, before we look at these principles, I want us to address the signs of indecisiveness. If you are Indecisive, you can know, and if you are a decisive person too, you will know. So how can you discover or know this? You can know by the following:


  1. Laziness. This is a symptom of Indecision. Indecisive people are lazy people and lazy people are Indecisive. These two, actually work hand in hand (Pro. 12 v 24, 27).
  2. Procrastination. This is another major sign of indecisiveness. Indecision people are procrastinators and procrastinators are indecisive people. These two things also work hand in hand. This is why you need to say No to procrastination in your life (Rom.2v1).
  3. Inconsistency is also a symptom of Indecision. Indecisive people are inconsistent people and inconsistent people are Indecisive people. Are you inconsistent in your ways and actions? (1Cor.15v58).
  4. Not being a Finisher. Not finishing whatever you start can be a symptom of Indecisiveness. So do you struggle with completing your tasks and assignments? Are you a finisher or a quitter? You need to remember that winners never quit, and quitters never win (Matt.10v22). So chose to be a finisher and not a quitter.
  5. Passiveness. Passiveness is also another sign of Indecision because decisive people are proactive about what they do. They are not passive (Rom12v11). So the time has come for you to say no to passivity in your life and operations.
  6. Double-mindedness is also an indicator of Indecision. Indecisive people are double-minded people, and double-minded people are indecisive people. These two things also work together; this is why you need to know how to make up your mind on time and confidently (1Ki.18v21).
  7. Ignorance is also an indicator of Indecision. A lack of knowledge is often the reason why some people can’t make decisions on time. So ignorance empowers Indecision in your life, and at times the answer to indecisiveness lies in access to light or the right kind of Information and knowledge (Hos. 4 v 6).

My dear reader, can you possibly identify other indicators of indecisiveness? I am sure you can; if you look inwards and around you, you will see other things that are symptomatic of Indecision. One major reason for you to know these indicators is to be better equipped in dealing with Indecision in your life. These are my prayers and expectations for you from this moment in Jesus name, amen.

Other Scriptural References: (Lk. 15 v 17-20; Gen. 19 v 26; Isa. 5 v 13; Lk. 14 v 18, 28; Matt. 7 v 16, 20).

Prayer for Today: Holy Spirit, rise up within me in your power and might against the burden of indecisiveness in my life in Jesus name, amen.

CONFESSION: Lord, I receive your enablement and help in my fight against indecision in my life. I rebel against ignorance, inconsistency, and being passive in my life. I rebel against double-mindedness and not being a finisher. I rebel against all forms of laziness and procrastination in my ways and enterprise. I tap into the power of the Holy Spirit within me. Therefore, I receive strength and courage in dealing with Indecisiveness. I choose to cooperate with God and his words in dealing with this enemy of my destiny in Jesus name, amen.