Philippians 2 verse 12: ‘Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.’

The future won’t just happen without you playing your part. In other words, the future won’t happen without your involvement, participation, and contribution. This is why our text scripture in Philippians 2 verse 12 says you need to work out your salvation. I want you to note the keyword, work out, not work for! If the future you see will become a reality, you need to play your part; that is what I intend to share in today’s lesson. Your tomorrow depends on how you use your today; what you do daily impacts or will create the future you desire. The secret to your success is in your daily agenda. What are you doing every day that will advance you towards your future? What is your daily agenda like? Are you doing the right things every day that will move you toward your destination? The answers you give to these questions will determine whether you will get to your promised land or not!

So, what kind of things do you need to do every day that will advance you towards your future? From my experience and also relating with other minds, I have discovered that the following insights would help anyone get to their destination in life:


a. Pray and study his word every day. Prayer and the Word of God are indispensable tools that you need to get to your promised land. Make sure you never neglect them. Acts6v4

b. Learn and master the secret of your trade very well. There are trade secrets in every endeavor of life that you must master if you want to matter. You need to make up your mind to be diligent in your business. Pro 22 v 29: 2ki 3 v 11

c. Keep on developing yourself. If you keep growing daily, you will also gradually move toward your God-given dreams. Ensure no day comes by without you deliberately improving yourself. Doing this is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself. Endeavor to grow every day. 2Pet 3 v 18

d. Be decisive. Make sure you do whatever do need to do every day without hesitation or procrastination. You need to know what you want and go after it with your heart. If you do this Every Day, there is no reason why you will not arrive at your destination in life. Dan 1 v 8

e. Choose your circle of influence wisely. Be careful whom you walk with. Be deliberate and intentional about who or whom you associate with because you will ultimately become like those you closely associate yourself with, either good or bad. The company you keep determines what will accompany you. Every day make sure you are walking with the kind of people who can get you to your destination. Pro 13 v 20

f. Be aggressively thankful. Gratitude will always multiply what you have. Those who are continually grateful will never stop advancing or progressing. So, remember to maintain a grateful heart every day if you want to arrive at your destination. 1Thess 5 v 18

g. Work on your dreams and goals every day. Do something every day, no matter how small that would advance you towards your destiny. Never let a day go by without investing in your dreams and vision.

Dearly beloved, every day is important if you will ever reach your destination. So make sure you are doing those things that will take you to your Promised Land.

Other scriptural references: 2Chro 26 v 5: 1sam 2 v 11,18,21,26; 3 v 1,19: 2tim 2 v 15: Pro 10 v 4; 21 v 5: Jam2v20,26

Prayer for today: Lord, help me never to be idle in making my dreams come to pass in Jesus’ name, amen.

CONFESSION: I will be faithful to what I need to do every day to fulfill my destiny.  I will work every day and I will be diligent in what I do. I will pay the price for the little things every day in order for me to reap the bigger things in life. Glory be to God because every step I take every day draws me closer to my destination.