She was a perfect team player:

The bible says “one shall chase a thousand, two shall put ten thousand to flight”. She leveraged on the corporate anointing and prayers of the Jews, her maids and also her cousin Mordecai for their deliverance. She was charged thereafter with God – fidence to present herself to the King.

There is power in unity, a house that is divided against itself cannot stand.

Who are the people on your team? Helpers or destroyers? Saviors or betrayers? Multipliers or scatterers? ” “You have to get your team right for you to win the championship”.

Who are the people on your team?  gossips, backbiters, scorners, liars, cheats et cetera. Having all these in one’s team can bring the whole squad crumbling down.

“if you want to soar like the eagle in your life, you can’t be flocking with chicks or the turkeys”. You eventually become like the people you closely associate with; so mind the people in your team.