She was a woman of beauty and style:

Esther 2 vs 2 – 3 ” gather together all the fair young virgins”, not just any kind of virgin, they gave the description and specification of what suited the King.

Esther 2 vs 7 ” and the maid was fair and beautiful”. Fair talks about lovely. In Other words,  Esther was beautiful in form and face, that is, she had a beautiful figure and was lovely to look at.

Some women tend to overlook this aspect of their lives, we think once we are married, that’s all. Remember it was one of the King’s servants that suggested this to the King; Vashti as we were told was a beautiful woman too.

The truth of the matter is that men are moved by what they see (don’t let spirituality make you think otherwise). We need to keep our Kings safe from the Delilah’s and Jezebel’s of this world. Let us keep ourselves “smarchingly” beautiful and appealing to our Kings.  It doesn’t cost much to achieve this, I can tell you, just do what your King loves; we all differ in our preferences because our domains and territory differs.

Esther 5 vs 1. They were prepared for 12 months before they could see the king; 6 months with oil of myrrh (a vital oil used in making the anointing oil) and another 6 months with sweet odors ( this was meant for them to smell and ooze out a sweet fragrance from them). All these were for purifying the women.

We need to purify ourselves regularly too; both spiritually and physically. When last did you give yourself or your body a good treat, buy a sweet fragrance, have a good body massage, facial treatment, manicure and pedicure, a me – timeout et cetera?). It’s time to unwind ladies. Jesus has died for us once and for all, you don’t need to die again. CALM DOWN and enjoy your life while you still have it.