Colossians 2verse6-7 ‘ V6-As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: V7-Rooted and built up in him, and established in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving.’

In life, we make all kinds of investments; one area we need to make worthy investments is our spiritual growth. This area of our lives is a very important aspect that we need to pay attention to. So what kind of investments are you making for your spiritual growth? If you were to ask me, I would say you need to invest heavily in your spiritual growth! However, before we go into some essential truths about your spiritual growth, I would like to define the concept of spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is:
-The advancement and development of your spiritual life. 2Pet3v18
-Growing up Spiritually in Christ. i.e. becoming more Christ-Like in your disposition, character, conduct, manner of life etc. This is what Apostle Paul meant in our text scripture (Col2v6-7). So precious child of God, are you ready to make a worthwhile investment in your spiritual growth? It’s interesting to note that the word investment is from the word invest which means to put money, effort, time etc., into something to make a profit or get an advantage. So when we talk about investing in our spiritual growth, we simply mean putting effort, time and resources into developing our spiritual growth. I believe that the picture is getting clearer to you now. You also know that investment can be on a short or long-term basis, but whichever one it is, I tell you it’s all for your good and progress. It’s a win-win situation! So what are some of the important truths you need to know while investing in your spiritual growth?


1. Investing in your spiritual growth is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself. In fact, it’s one of the greatest investments you can ever make for yourself. Why is this so? Because it will fortify, strengthen and also make you a far better believer at the end of the day. So, my dear reader, it’s time to start investing in your spiritual growth today. Lk10v38-42

2. It’s something that you need to do for yourself. This is why you need to be purposeful, deliberate and intentional about it. Nobody can invest in your spiritual growth without your cooperation and consent. So make up your mind from today that you will start taking responsibility for your spiritual growth. Acts 11v23

3. It requires discipline and patience. Investing takes time, and if you are the hasty type, you might not reap the rewards of investing at the end of the day. The truth of the matter is that you don’t reap at the same time you sow, but harvest is sure if you are patient and diligent. Luk8v15. So my admonition to you today, Dearly beloved, is to wait for your harvest to mature. Surely Jehovah is good to the soul that waits for him. May this be your testimony in Jesus name, amen.

Other Scriptural References: Luk21v19: Gal6v9: Matt24v4: Jb23v12: Ps27v4: Eph2v1

Prayer for Today: Heavenly Father, I receive your fresh visitation upon my spiritual life today in Jesus name, amen

CONFESSION: I choose to invest every day into my spiritual growth! I will invest in my spiritual growth constantly! I commit to investing in my spiritual growth richly! Help me, precious Holy Spirit in making this a reality in Jesus name, amen.