Ps.23v1: The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

Dearly beloved, I trust you are enjoying this series of lessons on how to meet your needs! Jehovah wants to be your Shepherd indeed as he was a Shepherd to David! But you need to allow him to show you how! This is why this series of messages is coming your way. I believe wisdom and illumination are coming your way today! Things will never be the same again! Your days of struggling and living from hand to mouth are over! It’s a new day for you! However, in other to experience the ability and Provisions of the Shepherd, you need to know certain truths about His Personality! In our last Lesson, I shared three of these truths with you. Today by his grace, we will be looking at the remaining 4 powerful truths, so off we go!


4. God is able to give you more than you need. The reason he can do this is that he is more than enough for you and any situation! His supplies never run out, so no need to worry! For your needs shall be abundantly taken care of! Glory be to God! He can fill you to the full or overflow. In fact, I discovered that in most miraculous provisions, there is always a surplus or leftover. You can see this in the miracle of the loaves and fishes (Matt.14v20:15v37) or the Miraculous Provision that Elijah experienced in the Widow of Zarephath house (1ki.17v9, 16). So rejoice for you shall not be put to shame!

5. Nobody can meet your needs as God can. In fact, there is no man living or dead capable of meeting your needs as God can! He often does it in his own special and unique way. I want you to know that your Shepherd specialises in:

– Using the people that you least expect or imagine in meeting your needs. For example, the Poor Widow of Zarephath in the case of Elijah.

– The things you least expect or imagine. For example, the 5 loaves and 2 fishes.

Precious child of the Most High, I want you to know that your heavenly father can use:

– Anybody at anywhere in meeting your needs.

– Anything at anywhere in meeting your needs.

After all, he is El Shaddai and has supernatural ways of meeting the needs of your life, so you don’t need to worry or fret! It’s time to look up to him as your Shepherd from today!

6. God knows how to meet your Needs. Wow! This is so refreshing to know! What do I mean by this? It means Jehovah knows what you need to do in order to meet your needs! It also means he knows where you need to go in meeting your needs! Your path is to trust and obey his lead and directives! You cannot go wrong if you follow him because he knows where your pot of blessings is located! Therefore, by his wisdom, I see you prospering, and your needs will be met in Jesus name, amen (Lk.5v5-6; Jn.6v5-6).

7. God is still very much in the business of meeting needs! He has not retired from helping his own and the needs he met in the Bible is still very true today! What He did then, He will do much more if we believe and walk in his wisdom! I want you to know that because he changes not, Your expectations won’t be cut off! So it’s time to stop fretting and working yourself up as per your needs! It’s time to rest in his ability as your shepherd! Will you begin to do so from today? (Mal.3v6).

Other Scriptural References: (Ps.102v27; Lk.22v35; Matt.17v27; Jn.2v5: 21v6; Isa.55v8-9; 2Cor.9v8; 2Chro.25v9; 1Cor.1v26-29).

Prayer for Today: Lord, I believe that as my Shepherd, you can take good care of me. Please, help my unbelief in Jesus name, amen.

CONFESSION: I choose not to worry, fret or be anxious about my needs because my Heavenly Father is at work as my Shepherd! Therefore, I will not be put to shame or ridicule. My God meets my needs like no other person! He does it in such a unique and supernatural way. My heavenly father knows how to meet my needs; therefore, I choose to rest and trust in his ability as my Shepherd! Glory be to God, for I do not lack anything good! All my needs are adequately and abundantly met in Jesus name, amen.