Ps.23v1:The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

You are welcome back to our discussion on how to meet your needs! The question of how to meet your needs should never be a burden or an issue because you have a caring and loving heavenly father in God! As your Shepherd, he is more than enough for all your needs. This is why I believe David could say in Psalm 23 verse 1 that because the Lord is his Shepherd, he will not Lack or even Fail! This is how powerful your Shepherd is! He is able to take care of all your Needs (Ps.37v25-26). So Precious Child of God, it’s time to stop worrying about your needs, no matter what it may be. Your Heavenly Father is capable and more than enough. Therefore, you will not be put to shame!

However, from our last lesson, I said there are certain questions that we often bring up when our needs arise. Today by His grace, I want us to consider two of such questions!


2. The Question of Place or Environment. As you can see in Matthew 15 verse 33, the disciples were complaining about where they were, i.e. wilderness, but my God is not limited by time, space or environment. He is bigger than the Global Recession or Economic meltdown in our World today. My dear brothers and sisters, there is no Recession in Heaven. The recession is only in this world! I am not denying that there is no famine in the land, but God has always made a way for his own in the time of famine. You won’t be an exception to this rule in Jesus name, amen (Eph.3v20). So don’t ever allow the issue of where you are to limit you. Remember, you are connected to the source of all good things; therefore, your provision won’t fail or be denied! So never say never because God will come through for you in this season (2ki.7v8, 16).

3. The Question of magnitude or Size of your Needs! The disciples raised this same issue in Matthew 15 verse 33 (to feed so great a multitude). They were worried about the size of the need! They should have done to look at the size of their God, not the size of their needs. I want you to know that the size of your needs does not scare God because he is bigger than all of your needs, concerns, or matter. He is bigger than all your needs put together. This is why he is more than sufficient for all your needs, i.e. both today and tomorrow. So stop bothering yourself about the size of your need or budget! For he is more than enough. He is the All-Sufficient One. So take your eyes away from your troubles or needs; instead, put your eyes and trust in his ability. I guarantee you that you won’t be put to shame in Jesus name (Gen.17v1).

So my dear reader, there is no need for you to ever question the ability of your Shepherd to ever take care of you because from the evidence of what we have seen in today’s lesson! So relax and let no Need worry you from henceforth, because your Heavenly Father is more than capable of taking good care of you! Hallelujah!

Other Scriptural References: (1ki.17v1-2, 9; Neh.9v21; Lk.22v35; Gen.26v1, 12-14,16; Deut.2v7; 2ki.7v1-2; 2ki.6v25).

Prayer for Today: Heavenly Father, I trust in your ability to take good care of me from henceforth because you are my Shepherd!

CONFESSION: The Almighty is my Shepherd; therefore, my needs will be well taken care of! I refuse to worry or fret about anything because Jehovah is my source! He can handle all of my needs both spiritually, emotionally, physically, materially and financially. I have no worries, neither will I be anxious or apprehensive about anything because I am in the Best of hands and in the best place. I can ever be! Glory be to God, for my days of struggling with how to meet my needs are Over! I enter into the provisions and supplies of my heavenly father from today in Jesus name, amen.