Hebrews 4verse12 ‘For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

The word of God is powerful and in fact it’s actually power! This is what our text scripture also says in (Hebrews 4v12). But how can you make the word produce for you? I believe this is usually the bone of contention. i.e., how to make the word produce for you in whatever area of need that you might have. This is what this series of lessons is all about. I trust that you will be greatly blessed by this series in Jesus name, amen. There is power in the word. This is a statement of truth and fact. The power in the Word can create, heal, deliver, prosper, make whole, reverse the irreversible, and so on. So how can you experience this power that is in the word? You can encounter this power by:

1. Receiving his Word. If the word of God will ever work for you, you need to learn how to receive the word. How can you do this? You do this:
-By faith. You do this by believing and claiming whatever the word says as yours. It also means to personalize the promise as yours. Ps68v11. When you receive the word of God by faith it also means that you trust God to perform what he has said. So, my dear brothers and sisters, I hope you can see that receiving is a deliberate and intentional act.
-With the right kind of attitude. What kind of attitude do you need to receive his word? An attitude of joy, meekness, expectancy etc. These are some of the kinds of attitudes that you need to receive the word if it’s going to work for you. Jam1v21: Acts2v41
I have also discovered that some people are more receptive to God’s word than others, so which category do you belong to? It’s time to receive the word of God wholeheartedly! It’s time to receive in totality what God’s word says! Today marks that moment of change for you.

2. Speaking the Word of God. This is how to make the word work for you. You do this by speaking God’s word into your situation and circumstances. There is power in the word but that power will not be activated until you speak it. Beloved, there is awesome power in speaking God’s word over your life. This is why you should make practice regularly speaking God’s word over your life. In this way, you will have multiple encounters of victory and success in your life as you do so. Ps147v15: Matt8v8. So what areas of your life do you desire a change or touch of God? Start speaking God’s word over those areas and you will start experiencing miraculous working Words!
Dearly beloved, I pray that this will be your testimony as you start putting His word to work in your life.

Other Scriptural References: Acts14v3: Ps107v20: Jb22v28: Lk1v37-38,45: Pro13v13: 2Chro20v20: Mk3v5

Prayer for Today: Lord, let the power in your word work for me in Jesus name, amen.

CONFESSION: I believe in the wonder-working Word. God’s word will work mightily for me, in me and through me! I am a recipient and beneficiary of his wonder-working word! Glory to God, for the Word, works wonders in my life!