Thank God for a brand new week. God will help you solve every mystery that’s before you this week in Jesus name, amen.
The 9th way to handle the pressures of life is:

9. Through prayer and fasting

There are “this kind” of challenges we face in life that will not go or bow except by employing the power of prayer and fasting Matt 17vs 21. Fasting amplifies the voice of our prayer to be heard on high. Isa 58 vs 4-11.
Many prefer people to pray for them instead of taking their own destiny into their hands. Learn to pray for yourself 1st, the best way to start that process is to start today. Jesus took out time to pray if he could pray, how much more we? Mk 1vs 35, Luke 5vs16.
Prayer changes things and it also changes you.

  • How to pray:
  • pray according to the will of God ie according to his word. His will can only be found in his word. James 4vs3, Eph 5 vs17. Find out God’s word or will concerning what you’re going through and use that as a basis for your request. Hos 4vs6, John 16vs23.
  • learn to pray consistently: don’t give up on your request Luke18vs1, Rom12vs12. Prevail in the place of prayer, hold on there, don’t give up too soon. It is in consistency, there lies the power.
  • pray by faith: don’t entertain unbelief Matt 17 vs19-20. Mk11vs24
  • come boldly into the throne room: Heb4:16. You are in the presence of your father, therefore, approach him with confidence knowing full well he will answer you.
  • learn to pray with others: one shall chase a thousand and two shall put ten thousand to flight. Acts3vs1, 4vs31. There’s power in united prayer. Have a company or people of like minds that you can pray with, I call them “burden bearers”, these are people who will carry your burden just as if it’s theirs. It could be your spouse, faithful friends, your spiritual oversight, mentor etc.
    Prayer is when God is invited to step into the affairs of men. Will you invite him into your life and the challenges you’re facing now? Just do it right away, he loves you ❤️ 💖 and wants to be involved in every aspect of your life, if only you allow him in.

    Stay blessed and stay safe
    God bless you.