Philip.3v13-14: Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead. Press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

I am super excited about this series of teachings because I believe it will empower you in accomplishing your goals. God is very much interested in helping you accomplish your goals but there is a way of going about it. This has been the focus of our discussion for some time now and today by his grace, I will go a step further in sharing the other strategies you need to work with in order to achieve your goals. I believe you are ready for this, so let’s examine these powerful principles right away without much ado!


4. You need to Pray over and about your Goals. Prayer is important because it will help you in accessing God’s help. You will agree with me that you really need the help of God in order to achieve your goals. Whatever your goals may be, you need the dimension of the supernatural in bringing it to pass. And this is what Prayer makes Available to you. So you cannot joke with the issue of Prayers. One major thing that helped Nehemiah in Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem was Fervent and Consistent Prayers. This is why you too need to pray about your Goals. So why is it important for you to Pray? You need to Pray because:

– You are contending against unseen forces. Spiritual Warfare is Real and prayer remains a Potent Weapon in this Area. So use it to your advantage (2Cor.10v3-5).

– You are Human. This means you can become weary, tired, and discouraged. Prayer will keep you alert (Lk.18v1).

– You Desperately Need God’s Help (Ps.127v1).

– It helps you to give birth to your Heart Desires i.e. dreams, visions, ideas, goals etc. (Isa.66v8)

– It helps you to tap into the supernatural dimensions of God. Prayer helps you in laying hold of the power of God (2Chro.14v11).

So my dear reader, make sure you saturate yourself and your Goals with Prayers. It will go a long way in making your Goals come into reality.

5. You must be Decisive. Decisiveness is crucial to accomplishing your goals, if you are given to sentiments, emotions, or excuses, you won’t accomplish your goals. So you need to be Decisive as Indecision will destroy and kill your goals. When I say you need to be Decisive, what do I mean?

It means:

– Doing what you are supposed to Do and not just knowing what to do. Are you doing what you need to do as per your goals? Accomplishing your Goals is a responsibility you have to carry. Are you ready to do so?

– Not Procrastinating or Postponing or Dragging your Foot. My dear reader, giving excuses will not help you to achieve your goals (Lk.14v18).

– Doing what you are supposed to do when you ought to do it.

– Taking Action. It means being proactive and not passive with your time.

– Going for what you want. You need to go after your Goals wholeheartedly. Don’t be double-minded as this will not allow you to accomplish your goals (2ki.2v9-11).

These are some of the dimensions of what it means to be Decisive with your Goals. I trust that you will make the most of these truths in changing your life. I release my faith with yours, believing in the manifestations of your Goals.

Other Scriptural References: (Jam.1v8; Rom.2v1; Dan.1v8; Lk.15v17-18, 20: 16v4; 1ki.3v5; Pro.10v22; Neh.1v4: 4v4: 6v9, 12-15; Pro.16v3; Philip.4v6-7; Matt.13v25).

Prayer for Today: Lord, I receive Grace for the Actualisation of my Goals in Jesus name, amen.

CONFESSION: As I walk with the Lord and in the light of his Word, I expect my Goals to see the light of Day. My goals are leaving the realms of just thoughts or images. They are coming into manifestation. Glory be to God; they are coming into Fruition. In the name of Jesus, I receive Grace for the Fulfilment of my Goals today and I will never be put to shame!