Acts4v33 ‘And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all.’

You are welcome back to our discussion on how to abound in the grace of God. Yes, God is able to make His grace abound richly towards you as he did for the apostles in our text scripture. As you can see, where great grace abounds, greater power is made available to impact lives and society. These are the kind of things that God wants to do through you and me today. This is why you need to know the avenue through which grace can abound. So today, by his grace, I will continue to share another powerful insight on how to make his grace abound richly towards you.


4. Stay Purified. Purity is such an important element in multiplying the grace of God upon your life. No Purity, No Power! No Purity, No Grace! This is how it works. 2Cor12v9. Although we have received God’s grace, that is not a license to sin. Sin will keep you away from God, just like God will keep you away from sin. Rom6v1-2. This is why living a life of purity is so important to walk in the grace of God. You and I should not just be pure but must stay pure if we want to walk in a greater dimension of His grace. My dear reader, are you ready to take responsibility for your purity? The subject of being pure is something that you need to take more seriously. 1Pet2v11: 1Jn5v21

If you take a good look at the life of Daniel and his Friends in Babylon, it was their lives of holiness that paved the way for them. They chose to be different by purifying themselves; no wonder the grace of God abounded so much unto them. Dan1v8, 17, 20. But on the other hand, if you look at someone like Samson, he didn’t take his consecration seriously; no wonder things turned the way they did for him. So my dearly beloved ones, you can see that it’s important for us to take the issue of our purity seriously if we want to carry great grace.
And how can someone stay purified in a world like ours? You can stay purified as you fellowship with God via his word, prayers, worship and fellowship with other saints, to mention just a few. Ps119v11, 140: Jn17v17
It’s time to embrace the lifestyle of holiness or godliness! This is the pathway to a life of great grace. As you do this, may His grace abound richly unto you!

Other Scriptural References: Heb12v14: Matt5v8: Pro28v13: Dan6v28: Jam4v8: 2Cor7v1

Prayer for Today: Lord, I receive grace to stay purified all the days of my life in Jesus name, amen.

CONFESSION: I say yes to holiness today and no to every form of ungodliness! Purity is my way of life. I receive the grace to walk in purity in every area of my life today! Therefore there shall be no more shortage of power and grace! Glory be to God, for I walk in the fullness of His Grace!