Philippians 4 verse 6 – 7: ‘V6- Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. V7-And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.’

There are several keys to answered prayers but my focus today will be on one of the major keys to answers to your prayers. Most times, this is often the missing ingredient in receiving answers to your prayers. It’s one thing to pray it’s another thing to receive answers to your prayers. God wants you to receive answers to your prayers. Matt 21 v 22: Mk 11 v 24. He doesn’t want you to pray in vain. So, what is this powerful key to receiving answers to your prayers? This key is the key to thanking God for answers to your prayers. After you have prayed or believed that God has answered your prayers, the next thing to do is to give him thanks. This is what you see in our text scripture (Philippians 4verse6-7). In fact, this is a fundamental truth when it comes to answers to your prayers, especially when you have prayed in faith or according to his will. I have also discovered that many believers don’t realize or know the power of thanksgiving in the place of prayer. So, how does Thanksgiving help you to receive answers to your prayers? What can Thanksgiving do?

1. it makes the impossible possible.

How is this possible? It’s so because the voice of thanksgiving is the voice of miracles. You will see this in manifestation in several places in the scriptures; wherever men have lifted up the voice of thanksgiving, miracles seem to be the order of the day. Dearly beloved, this is why you should not allow his thanks to cease from your lips. Matt 14 v 19

2. It helps you to stay watchful.

Thanksgiving keeps you in a sensitive or alert mood. It keeps you vigilant. This is why it’s such an important tool in receiving answers to your prayers. Col 4 v 2

3. It boosts your faith level.

Faith is made strong in an atmosphere of thanksgiving. In fact, faith thrives in an atmosphere of gratitude. So, if you want your faith to remain strong, especially in the midst of the storms and attacks of life, you need to know how to thank God for the answers to your heart’s desire. Rom 4 v 20

4. Your thanksgiving is a demonstration of your faith.

Thanksgiving is faith in action and it even keeps your faith alive and strong. It’s easier to give thanks after you have seen the physical manifestation than to give thanks before you see anything. So, it’s time to show your faith by your actions. My dear reader, real faith is revealed by your thanksgiving. Jam 2 v 20,26.

My dear brothers and sisters, it’s time to show your faith by your thanksgiving. One thing is sure, as you engage in praise, your answers will be undeniable.

Other scriptural references: Col 4 v 2; 2 v :7; 3 v 15: Acts 16 v 25: Jn 11 v 41-42: Lk 17 v 19: Matt 6 v 30; 8 v 26: 18 v 10

Prayer for today: Lord, I embrace the habit of gratitude in all circumstances. Thank you, Blessed Holy Spirit.

CONFESSION: Holy Spirit, help me to maintain the spirit of thanksgiving as I wait for the physical manifestation of my desires. I refuse to murmur or complain; rather, I choose to remain thankful in all circumstances of life; hence my answers will not elude me.