Lk. 18 v 1: Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart.

Our Heavenly Father always has reasons behind whatever he does, and when it comes to the subject of prayer, there are biblical and genuine reasons why you need to pray as a Believer. Prayer is a necessity and not something that ought to be relegated to the background or backseat of your life. In fact, knowing why you need to pray will further strengthen and empower your prayer life. Today by his grace, I will be sharing some other reasons why you need to pray. If you are ready, so here we go!


  1. So as to be sensitive to what God is saying. Prayer makes you watchful or more sensitive to God. The more prayerful you are, the more sensitive you are and vice-versa also. Prayer sharpens your spiritual senses. This is why you need to be prayerful if you really want to increase your sensitivity to God. Dearly Beloved, the answer at times to your inability to hear God is to become prayerful. I pray that today will mark the beginning of such an encounter for you (Acts 10 v 9: 11 v 5).
  2. Because the Early Church prayed. In fact, praying was one of the customs and practices of the Early Church. So, therefore, prayer ought to be part and parcel of the Church. The Church was born in prayer and should therefore continue in prayer. Moreover, I hope you know that I am also talking about you when I talk of the Church. So as a member of the body of the Church, you too need to pray (Acts 1 v 14: 2 v 42).
  3. So as to be able to access God’s help in the time of need. There is always a time of need in our lives and prayer offers the answer to such times. Prayer offers you an avenue where your needs can be met. So not to pray, therefore, will mean to deny yourself of such great opportunity. So dear friends, it’s time to come to his throne of grace today (Heb. 4 v 16; Eze.22v30).
  4. So as to have complete victory over the naughty issues of life. Persistent and prevailing prayer is the key to ultimate victory over the challenges and troubles of life. So child of God, what troubles you today? What is that thing that is giving you sleepless nights, bring it to the place of prayer? I guarantee you that your victory is assured in Jesus name, amen (Col.4v2, 12).

My dear reader, it’s time for you to tap into the power of prevailing prayers from today. May today be your defining moment!

Other Scriptural References: (Isa. 62 v 6-7; Matt. 7 v 7-8; Eph. 6 v 18; Acts. 4 v 29, 31; Mk. 11 v 17; Matt. 21 v 13; Acts 3 v 1: 112 v 5; Lk. 19 v 46; 1Pet. 4 v 7).

Prayer for Today: Lord, take my prayer life to another dimension in Jesus name, amen.

CONFESSION: I tap into the anointing to pray. I yield and surrender myself to the spirit of grace and supplication. As you lead me, Lord, I will obey. I submit myself to the discipline and rigours of prayer. Limits and barriers are shattered in my life. As I commit myself to the discipline of prayer, I am improving by the day. My areas of weaknesses are turning into strengths for me. Glory be to God, for I am waxing stronger in my prayer life.