Lk.18v1: Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart.

There are legitimate and scriptural reasons why you need to pray as a child of God and this is what this series of messages is all about. From our text in (Lk. 18 v 1), it is clear that one major reason why people are fainting is that they are not prayerful enough. Praying men are powerful men, and prayerless men are powerless men! This is why you need to develop your prayer life. in fact, one of the reasons for prayerlessness is not knowing the reason or significance of praying. This is what I intend to share with you in this series of lessons. I hope you are ready for this, for I am fully persuaded that your prayer life will take on a new dimension (Rom.12v12). So what are the major reasons why you need to pray?


  1. So as not to fall in the time of temptation. Every man and woman will be tempted, i.e. temptations will come to all of us, but being prayerful helps you not to fall in the hour of Temptation. As I have observed over the years, the reason some fall in the time of temptation is due to their prayerlessness. This is why it is so crucial for you to be prayerful if you want to be victorious in the hour of temptation. It was a prayer that enabled Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Saviour, to be victorious in the time of his temptation in the Garden of Gethsemane. Prayer will do the same for you and much more, too, so it’s time to commit yourself to prayer (Matt. 26 v 41; Mk. 13 v 33).
  2. So as not to become faint-hearted/weary. At times, weariness is a result of prayerlessness. This is why you can’t afford to be complacent in the place of prayer. Being prayerful will keep you strong and vigilant. It helps you remain on your toes spiritually speaking! On the other hand, those who are faint-hearted fall away easily; they compromise or even backslide. So precious child of God, it’s time to be prayerful (Matt. 13 v 25).
  3. So as to be able to overcome the attacks of the devil. Prayer will nullify the works of Satan. This is why where prayer reigns supreme, it’s difficult for Satan to perpetuate his works. My dear reader, if you don’t want the gates of hell to prevail against you, you need to be prayerful (1Pet. 5 v 8-9; Jam.4v7).
  4. For your spiritual edification/nourishment. Prayer nourishes your spiritual life and also fortifies you with strength in your inner man. Being prayerful, therefore, will boost and develop you spiritually. In fact, if you don’t pray regularly, you won’t grow spiritually. This is how it works; this is why it’s time for you to be prayerful (2Cor. 4 v 16).

My dearly beloved ones, it’s time for you to prioritize and emphasize building your prayer life. Doing this is one of the most profitable things you can do for yourself, so will you start today?

Other Scriptural References: (1Thes. 5 v 17; Col. 4 v 2; Mk. 14 v 36; Eph. 6 v 12; Jam. 5 v 16-18; Acts 6 v 4; Eph. 3 v 14, 16).

Prayer for Today: Lord, help me to stay watchful in my prayer life. I receive fresh fire on my altar today in Jesus name, amen.

CONFESSION: I commit myself afresh to the ministry of prayer. Holy Spirit, help me to pray like I ought to pray. I rebel against every form of prayerlessness and excuses. My prayer life is receiving a visitation from today. I am renewed in strength and grace in my prayer life. Things are changing for the better for me in Jesus name, amen.