Workers’ Orientation Programme – How To Lead Effectively 3






You are welcome back to our discussion on how to lead effectively and so far we have examined five key principles on how to lead Effectively. However, in today’s lesson, we intend to look more ways in becoming an Effective Leader.


6. Ability to Work with other People. Your success as a leader depends largely on your ability to work with others as you can’t do the work all by yourself, you need others. (Matt.4v9: 9v9; Lk.10v1; Mk.6v7).
– How well do you work through others?
– To what extent do you delegate work/responsibility?
To Lead Effectively as a Leader:
– You must be able to work with all kinds of People i.e. Good, Bad, Ugly/Introverts or Extroverts Type of People (1Cor.9v19-22).
– You should have good/excellent relational skills in dealing with people. You need to develop/sharpen your ability to relate well with people (Matt.10v16).
– Skills that can help you to work with others – Honesty, Patience, Good Manners, Humor, Ability to Negotiate, Persuasive Skills, Good Judgment, Flexibility, Listening Skills, Communication Skills, Ability to Trust Others, etc.
What Other Kinds of Interpersonal Skills do you know?

7. Ability to Care for Others. Your Leadership Effectiveness will be determined by your ability to care for others (Matt.9v36-38: 10v1: 14v14; Mk.6v34; 2Cor.12v15;
How well do you care for others? How well do you care for those under you? (Pro.27v23). People don’t care how much you know until they Know how much you care.
Ways of Improving your Ability to Care:
– Have a Genuine Interest in People (Phil.2v20).
– Offer Assistance/Help as much as you can.
– Be there for them when they need it the Most
– Be interested in their Well-being/Welfare (Acts 9v36).
– Visit and follow them Up (Acts 15v36).
– Love them Sincerely (Rom.12v9).
– Be Good unto them (Rom.12v21; Gal.6v9-10).

8. Willingness to Sacrifice. True Leadership is sacrificial in nature. You cannot lead very well if you are not willing to sacrifice (2Cor.12v15; Matt.10v37-39; Jn.15v13; Matt.20v26-28).
To what extent are you willing to Sacrifice? What Kind of Sacrifices are you making?
To lead effectively, you must be willing to:
– Sacrifice for the good of the work (Acts 15v26).
– Sacrifice for the good of others (Rom.16v3-4)
– Delay Gratification in order to Reap a Higher Reward
– Be other people Minded i.e. serve others first (1Cor.10v24).
– Wash the feet of others (Jn.13v3-17).

9. Be Courageous. It takes Courage to lead Effectively. You can’t lead if you have a chicken heart (Jos.1v6, 7, 9; Deut.31v6, 7; 1Chro.28v20).
Courage is not the absence of fear but resistance to and mastery of our Fears. Courage is facing your fears or to Fear Less.
Do you have a Lion’s heart or a Chicken’s heart? What are you afraid of you as a Leader?
A Courageous Leader is:
– Willing to confront/face their fears and not run away or give excuses (1Sam.17v32-37).
– Willing to follow your heart and not your head (1Sam.14v6-7).
– Willing to take Responsibility/Initiatives and not blame others (Rom.2v1).
– Willing to chart a New Course/Territory/Path i.e. Willing to take Risks (Matt.14v28-29).
– Willing to trust the Lord (Ps.56v3-4, 9-11).

10. Create a Leadership Environment where others can thrive. A single tree does not make a forest so in order to succeed in your Leadership, you need to give others wings to fly. You have not succeeded as a Leader if there are no Successor(s) (Matt.4v19; Lk.10v1; Num.27v18; Deut.34v9).
Who are you Imparting? What kind of Leadership Environment do you have in place? Who
can carry on when you are no longer there?
Creating a thriving Leadership Environment means:
– Giving others opportunities to grow/explore their gifts/potential (Mk.6v7).
– Delegating Responsibilities/Power (Matt.10v1).
– Mentoring/Training People (Phil.2v19-22; 1Cor.16v10; 2Ki.3v11).
– Releasing People into their Destinies/Calling (Mk.16v15).