Workers’ Orientation Programme – How To Lead Effectively 2






We laid a solid foundation last time on leading Effectively by defining what leading Effectively is and also looking at the parameters of gauging your Leadership Effectiveness. However, our focus
in today’s training will be on How to Lead Effectively.

What does it take to lead effectively? It will take the following:
1. The right Kind of Skills. A Skill is a learned or natural ability to accomplish a particular task. Skills are the expertise or talent to do a job or task (Ps.78v70-72: 33v3).
2. The right Kind of Mindset. By mindset, I mean Disposition, Attitude, Spirit or Perspective on things (Pro.23v7; Eph.4v23).
3. The Help of God i.e. the Divine Support and Assistance of God (Pro.10v22; Deut.8v18; 1Chro.12v18,22; Acts 26v22; Ps.127v1). You need to have these three things in place in order to lead Effectively. However, we can break them down into the following in order to Lead Effectively:

1. Communicate your Vision to those you lead. Your ability to effectively communicate the vision will determine your success as a Leader (Pro.29v18). You need to Cast the vision in order for your people to Catch it. You can cast the Vision by:
– Make it Clear (1Cor.14v8; Hab.2v2). The clearer the vision, the better the understanding.
– Make it Concrete. Let it be real/tangible, something your people can touch, feel & become engaged in personally.
– Make it Concise. Let it be brief, free of too many details. Like they less is more.
– Make it Compelling. Only a compelling vision moves people into Action (Num.13v30; Neh.2v18).
As a leader, you need to make the Vision CLEAR enough for the people to comprehend, CONCRETE enough for them to believe it is Real, CONCISE enough for them to communicate and COMPELLING enough for them to own it. And in closing, you need to cast your Vision often or regularly (Rom.10v17). How well do you communicate your Vision? Have you mastered the art of casting the Vision?

2. Willingness to take Responsibility. You can’t be an Effective Leader if give Excuses all the time (Rom.2v1; Lk.14v18). A true leader will take responsibility for their ACTIONS, WHERE THEY ARE, RESULTS, MISTAKES, etc. and not blame others. Leadership is about taking responsibility and not making Excuses!
Taking Responsibility means:
– You have to be Diligent with your Assignment (Pro.22v29)
– You have to be Accountable (Rom.14v12)
– You have to take Risk(s) (Jos.8v1-2; 1Chro.11v5-9).
How well do you take Responsibility?

3. Lead by Example. True Leadership is by Example and Nothing Influences People more than your Example(s) (1Tim.4v12; Jn.15v13; Acts 1v1). To lead your people effectively, you need to Lead by Example!
How do you do this?
– Be a Doer of what you teach/say. Walk the Talk (Jam.1v22; Jn.13v17).
– Follow the Rules and don’t compromise or bend it to suit you/your purpose (Joel 2v7).
– Listen to your Team Members
– Do the Work and Know your Trade.
How well do you Lead by Example?

4. Celebrate the people you lead. As a leader, your people are your Most Appreciable Asset. Therefore you need to become a People Developer if you want to lead successfully (Matt.4v19; Acts4v13). Are you building people or just using people? To succeed in leadership, you need to build your People (1Sam.22v1-4; 2Sam.23v8-39).
How can you do this?
– Never ever take people for granted
– Treat people the way you like to be treated (Matt.7v12).
– Respect People’s Differences
– Never belittle anyone
– Don’t Manipulate Anyone
– Be Sensitive to the needs of your People
– Make your People feel Important
– Motivate your People to be the Best
– Give People Opportunities to Grow
– Be willing to Confront People when it will make a Difference (Pro.27v5; Rom.12v18).
How well you celebrate/Develop People?

5. Lean on the Help of Jehovah/God. To lead successfully, you need God’s help/Assistance (Pro.3v5; Ps.127v1; 2Kin.6v26-27; 2Chro.26v5, 7, 15; Num.11v11-15). You can’t lead all by yourself. You need God’s help!
How can you Access his HELP?
– Regularly/continually ask for his help as you lead. He can help you to lead well if you ask him (Matt.7v7-8; Heb.4v16; Exo.33v14-15).
– Seek/depend on his Wisdom/Counsel in leading (Pro.4v5, 7; 2Chro.1v10; Jam.1v5).
– Obey/follow his Directions/Instructions (Ps.25v4, 5, 12; Isa.48v17; Exo.19v5; Deut.2v3, 24-25; Jos.6v1-5).
To what extent do you rely on God’s help? Are you depending on God’s help, Man’s help or Self Help?