This is my year of Supernatural Upgrade. It’s my season and turn for an Upgrade. Jehovah is upgrading my life, my works, my operations, my status, my situation, my character, my commitment, my relationships and all that concerns me. I am raised and lifted by God to a higher standard of living.

The quality of my life and work is improving. I am getting better and stronger. I am becoming of a greater use and service to God and humanity. I am ascending to new heights and levels in God and in all my endeavors. Levels are changing for me because I am lifted and elevated by God.

The promise of Supernatural Upgrade is mine and I believe and receive it by faith. I am improving every day, I am doing new things, I am letting go of my past and embracing a better future. I

I am a solution provider everywhere I go. I rise in value and honour as I obey his will and word. I will not be put to shame because my testimony this year is Supernatural Upgrade all the Way!